Thaksin itching for news coverage

When Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said no more news coverage of Thaksin Shinawatra, it was a huge blow for Thaksin. Thaksin was finding his way into Thai news for the most trivial of things and on the front page no less. But now there is just a trickle from media outside of Thailand, so Thaksin has upped his game. [Read more →]

To forgive or not depends on the offending person psychological diagnosis

Most Kind hearted people would offer people a second chance for many offenses. However that thinking is flawed because it assumes all people are cut from the same cloth and have some sort of moral and ethical compass. The reality is some people with certain personality disorders fail to learn or even grasp the concept of right and wrong and will just offend again and again. [Read more →]

Thaksin and Red Shirts waiting for first opportunity to resume

Subtle hints of Thaksin working behind the scenes to resume where he left off are finding their way into the news. The reports are increasing in frequency and gradually taking on a more political tone. The only thing that is keeping Thaksin’s volume down is Martial Law, and that is entirely the reason Martial law is being kept in place. [Read more →]

Ebola alarmists correct according to common sense

Ebola Virus

It does not take much more than common sense to see the US Government along with a few other countries are playing down the risks of Ebola and that they could contain an outbreak. Recent events in history say otherwise along with a significant percentage of health care workers tending to Ebola patients have contracted the virus despite being wrapped head to toe in protective gear. [Read more →]

Sex education outrage is outrageous

Sex Education uproar

Sex education is all about teaching young people about sex and how to protect themselves from undesirable outcomes like unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD). So to see parents outraged at sex education at school because it is more than vague and general does leave people wondering what is driving this generally destructive behavior of desiring ignorance. [Read more →]

Thailand’s Martial law keeps Thaksin in check

More than 4 months after the May 2014 coup, you may expect some easing of military muscle as Thailand trends back towards democracy. But to many Thais, they recognize that Martial law for now is the best option to let Thailand heal simply because corrupt Thais don’t want to see the end of the status quo. To let the anti-corruption laws and procedures come into effect without sabotage is the quickest and best road for Thailand.
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Thailand’s old school politics ending

For what it is worth, it seems Thailand’s old school politics are coming to an abrupt end. The only concern is corrupt Thais with enough power to stymie political reform may somehow be successful as there most certainly is an ample supply of corrupt politicians. [Read more →]

Corrupt Thais plan counter move against reform

Although it has not been in the news, there is plenty of back room talk amongst corrupt Thai politicians as to how to counter the military’s push to clean up Thailand’s corruption. Much of their hopes are pinned on the mandatory retirement of the Coup leading General in a few months. However that too seems to be questionable in that signs point to the General picking up the ball as the interim Prime Minister once things get to the next step. [Read more →]

Secrets to getting a top credit score

Credit rating score

Getting a top credit score is easy if you know the simple painless tricks credit raters like. This entry covers the simple basics on how to make that happen and well before you put 30 candles in your birthday cake. [Read more →]

Google’s forgetting people like Jenga

Google's JengaCompelled by a European Union court order Google must start allowing people to be forgotten by removing links. However even in the early stages of the process where news articles are also being forgotten, it is quick to see this becoming like a giant game of information Jenga where the outcome can only lead to out of context conclusions and loss of informational structure. That will eventually lead to undesirable outcomes that are too numerous to predict. [Read more →]

The good side of Thaksin Shinawatra

For the most part, people that are Anti-Thaksin would have a hard time with the title of this entry, and an even harder time trying to read it without rolling their eyes or spouting out colorful words. But the fact of the matter is there is a good side to everything as even the most vile creatures of nature have a reason and a place. This entry looks to set out and explore how Thaksin fits into that mix. [Read more →]

Thai Coup an upgrade

From outside of Thailand the title of this entry could easily cause a WTF. But if a person has been living in Thailand for the past year, they would see the title as an accurate assessment. So when you look at the response to the Coup by the United States and the European Union along with a few other countries, the people living in Thailand would be saying WTF is going on with them. [Read more →]

Recreational drugs shortcut to Schizophrenia

SchizophreniaWhen people set out to get high or a mellow buzz, they often are only thinking about the moment. Thoughts of what happens to their brain in the long term are rarely if ever thought about. But the fact of the matter is some of those recreational drugs are a shortcut to Schizophrenia, and that is a scary thought to even the most bold. [Read more →]

Thailand’s tipping point on corruption reached

The title of this entry should have a ? or an ! after it. The problem is we don’t know just yet witch one is the right one to use. In either case there is significant major activity by the Junta with a full on attack against corruption and graft because things are all coming to a head and Thailand’s face is at stake. [Read more →]