Thaksin pushing for civil war to bypass laws

The distorted rhetoric coming from Thaksin’s Red Shirts is becoming troublesome as there is a consistent push towards civil war. All the pieces of play are coming into place including threats from the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) that there will be unrest if the wheels of justice are allowed to turn. Collectively this all fits the thinking of a man obsessed and who will stop at nothing to meet his goals. [Read more →]

Thailand’s anti-corruption pro-corruption battle

When you strip away the names and personalities from Thailand’s political unrest, you are simply left with the un-flavored reality of what the unrest is all about. It all comes down to corruption bleeding away tax revenues that result in Thailand and the Thai people never having the money needed to get ahead. [Read more →]

Red Shirts attack on Monk despicable

Red Shirts assaulting MonkIt would appear all respect for Monks is now beyond the ability of the Red Shirts. To attack a monk simply because he wished to pass is about as un-Thai as you can get as Thai hierarchy is completely ignored. [Read more →]

Pheu Thai Party starts blame game

When someone gives you advise and you don’t take it, and an ‘I told you so’ situation is created, blaming the person who gave you the advise is totally absurd. But apparently the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) does not see it that way, and they look to place the full blame for failure on the very people that advised against proceeding. [Read more →]

Governments attacking social media implies something to hide

Social media has become a powerful realtime tool to put a spotlight on politicians who seem to be stepping out of line. If there is nothing to hide then the day goes on without issues. If there is something to hide, the politician(s) in question will quickly look to unplug social media to attempt to hide what they do not want others to see. [Read more →]

Red Shirt’s confused logic

The Red Shirts plan another rally to show displeasure in the behavior of independent bodies who sided against the Government. But looking at it closer, the protests may just be a way for Red Shirt leaders to maintain some sort of political power in the changing winds of Thailand politics as both their popularity and numbers are in decline. [Read more →]

Flight 370 The Great Who Done It

Few things in today’s modern world have captured as much global attention as the missing Malaysia flight 370. It is a mystery of what happened, and also a tell all of the limitations of today’s technologies beyond the sea’s horizon. [Read more →]

Thaksin’s proxy governments are slow learners

The behavior of Pheu Thai Party (PTP) and the People Power Party (PPP) are similar in a lot of ways. Both are/were focused on helping Thaksin Shinawatra. Also both are/were arrogant. But perhaps the most important and most similar is their same disrespect or inability to stay within the law and to respect the authority given to others in the separation of powers built into the Constitution. [Read more →]

Thailand’s evolved Red Shirts Part 5

Once the Government’s rice pledging scheme started to fall apart, the Red Shirts showed yet another side of themselves. That new side was to attack rice farmers that were once Red Shirt and Government supporters that had switched sides and became untrusting and anti Government. The reason for the switch was because they were not paid by the Government and now were flat broke and destitute. The Red Shirts did not care that the rice farmers were victims of the Government’s corruption, they simply victimized them again for abandoning support for the Government. [Read more →]

Thailand’s evolved Red Shirts Part 4

After the pro Thaksin Pheu Thai Party (PTP) came to power, some Red Shirt leaders were rewarded with positions of power in the Government. It did not take long to see that the original political ideology the Red Shirts had at their beginning had completely morphed into cronyism. [Read more →]

Thailand’s evolved Red Shirts Part 3

By the time 2010 rolled around the Red Shirts had become much larger with many supporters only there because it provided another source of income. Political ideology was being replaced with cash payments to attend rallies. [Read more →]

Thailand’s evolved Red Shirts Part 2

As the Red Shirts continued to evolve they became more bold and violent. They changed from simply protecting their own turf to actively attacking others who were trying to show their political views that were against corruption. Their first targets were the Yellow Shirt Protests that started mid 2008. For lack of a better general description, the Red Shirts became enforcers of corruption. [Read more →]

Thailand’s evolved Red Shirts Part 1

When the Red Shirts first appeared, they were fairy mainstream along one of Thailand’s political ideologies. But in the past year or so they have been drifting to the more radical to enforce their ideology and not let it ebb and flow in a democratic way with other ideologies. [Read more →]

Pheu Thai Party crying foul

It seems the Thaksin Proxy Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is crying foul that they are facing anti graft agencies and the Thai Court. Usually when a pro Thaksin Government gets to this stage, it means their end is not far away as pity me is being implied. [Read more →]