Thailand’s Martial law – the cork in the bottle

The USA sees Thailand’s martial law as stepping on freedom and democracy, and to some extent it is. But when you understand that Martial law is keeping want to be dictators and other trouble makers in check, it is suddenly viewed in a different light. [Read more →]

Fractures in pro-Thaksin camp showing

Leading up to and after former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s impeachment, signs of fractures were becoming very obvious. To the trained eye, Thaksin Shinawatra either can not or will not keep his supporters on the same page and singing the same song. If the fractures are this obvious to the media, what is really going on behind close doors must be Thai drama at it’s finest. [Read more →]

Spotting a backwards Government by their position on gays

Most of the world now accepts sexual attraction as a non-elective behavior. Science has proven it all comes down to genetics and how the brain is formed that dictates what gender a person is attracted to. So for a Government to openly attack gays in any way form or fashion, it simply shows how backwards they are as they demonstrate thinking that is not of today’s understanding of what causes people’s attraction to one gender or another, or to both. [Read more →]

Charlie Hebdo making perfect sense

What the new editor of Charlie Hebdo said in an interview about publishing images of religious figures makes perfect sense and effectively shuts down all the critics. What he said was simply brilliant. It makes all the sense in the world, and even out shined what Pope Francis said just hours apart. [Read more →]

2015 Year of the Extremist

2015 is less than a month old, and already the news has recorded over 2000 people killed in violence related to extremists that is loosely based on the Muslim religion. Each year the level of violence is growing, and has now become so big, it is an issue heads of state must deal with, and not someone in some agency or ministry. [Read more →]

Questioning US laws and police killings

At the very least there seems to be some imbalance in US laws that let police off the hook when they end up killing someone. There is no secret that there are repercussions going on in the streets of the US. The worst part is one side is hoping the anger will die down and melt away, and the other side is hoping for change. [Read more →]

Yingluck’s dance with the devil

When you do things for Thaksin Shinawatra being his kin or not, you almost always find yourself getting the short and nasty end of the stick while he is untouched. Add to that he is also unconcerned about your well being and sees you is a tool for his own agenda. This is a classic signature of Thaksin to use people for his own benefit and discard them when they are no longer useful. Now Yingluck must face the music for failing to stop a rice pledging scheme that was so corrupt, it nearly caused Thailand to go bankrupt. [Read more →]

Thai Government taming media

When you read the title of this entry it can both provoke anger and curiosity. But if you read into it and connect all the dots, you will start to see an encouraging shift towards more responsible journalism. The reason for this is some Thai journalists seem more interested in provoking a reaction than to presenting balanced reporting of the news. [Read more →]

Pictures of Mohammed – So What!

Assault PencilAfter the terrorist attack in Paris France attacking a satirical publication Charlie Hebdo for allegedly publishing pictures of Mohammed, the backlash to that act will start to be felt globally. The reason why we say allegedly is nobody knows what Mohammed looks like. For all we know he could be a twin of Ringo Starr. [Read more →]

Muslim extremists creating new religion

If there was ever a topic that could start off as a cool and collected conversation and then turn into raging anger in just a few sentences, it is the topic of Muslim extremists. The global anger towards them may now be at the point that they could be sealing their own fate. The kicker to this, is the near unanimous opinion of the general public that includes rank and file Muslims that bringing a violent end to the Muslim extremists is both warranted and overdue. [Read more →]

Female sex offenders Part 3

So as we are seeing, local culture tends to decide what is a sex crime and what is not. What is considered a crime in many western countries, is simply seen as the norm in other countries. [Read more →]

Female sex offenders Part 2

There are other types of female sex offenders as well, and some are just into it for money and exploitation. For this group of female sex offenders, their behavior clearly triggers the instinctual behavior to protect the young that is seen in many species and not only human. It is that same instinct that makes it difficult for pedophiles to survive in prison as there are parents in there too. [Read more →]

Female sex offenders Part 1

Candy at schoolWhen you hear the term sex offender, your mind almost always expects to hear about some guy being the offender. But if you have done some long term studies you will find the numbers are fairly evenly split between male and female sex offenders in at least what finds its way to the news. [Read more →]

Thailand’s undoable amnesty bomb

If there is any one topic that will quickly bring the masses of angry people back into the streets, it is the proposed amnesty for people caught up in Thailand’s political turmoil. It clearly is a topic as controversial as Thaksin Shinawatra simply because the root cause of Thailand’s political turmoil is Thaksin Shinawatra himself. [Read more →]