Burma’s Shotgun wedding

In a few days the junta in Burma will hold what can only be defined as a shotgun wedding with their new charter. Vote for the military or else is the message.

Myanmar or Burma is the choice it comes down to. Before the junta took over the country was called Burma. So what name you choose to call the country shows you either support or reject the junta. Call it Burma and you support the people, very simple.

Less we forget in 2007 there was an unarmed uprising of a scale not seen in many years. That resulted in between one hundred to several thousand deaths depending on who you listen to. That was followed by systemically going into the unarmed countryside and doing some followup work to convince the others it was a bad idea. Smoke could be seen from some distance so use your imagination.

Now to reduce global criticism the junta has drafted a charter that you could use to wipe yourself in the toilet. To insure the charter passes, the people that clearly oppose the charter simply will not be allowed to vote. That wonderful idea cause the USA to simply ramp up sanctions that now allow them to go after companies that deal with Burma. This action will certainly turn the screws a little tighter.

This whole situation is very likely to explode in the coming months due to several factors. One of them is the shortage of food. Hunger will drive people on bullets or not. There are way too many things going on to keep this under the covers. Unfortunately it is the people who will suffer the most no matter what happens. This along with a few other places in the world will set the tone for the remainder of this year.

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