Hillary’s time to concede out has come

Looking at the political landscape, the time for Hillary Clinton to throw in the towel. Beyond today lies the few states that just don’t add up to the numbers she needs to win. Although Hillary waged a strong and long fight to win the democratic nomination, the people have spoken and have planted their support behind another Banner.

Although politics can be cruel, expensive, and unforgiving, throwing good money after bad only shows poor judgement driven by pride and ego, and neither of them are qualities expected in a president of the United States. Hillary must come to terms with this and do what is right for the party at this point and ultimately the country. The time has come to show true leadership and know when to cut your losses.

However the reality of this political race has yet to unfold. Barack Obama and John McCain have different views on the war in Iraq. Of the two John McCain’s views are closer to reality. If Barack Obama is ultimately elected defeating John McCain, Barack will be faced with the reality of the war and very possibly change his position to be the same as McCain’s. you can’t leave a job half done and expect it to work properly.

The other issues that face the USA are far reaching and much too many to list. However once again a reality check will be made and what is said today on the stump, can fall to the side tomorrow. Global warming, the food shortage, and running out of oil are all long term problems that need a real fix and not a band-aid. This will take difficult and unpopular decisions, but they must be made.

Although this is a short entry, it says a lot.

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