Food shortage disinformation begins

Just a week ago phrases like ‘global drought’ were in the news. Today that has been replaced with phrases like ‘record crop.’ It does not take a rocket scientist to see one is clearly designed to give disinformation to offset panic and people buying huge stocks of food.

Putting two and two together it does not take much to see we are much closer to planting season than we are to harvest season. There are several months to go before the harvest starts and a lot can happen in that time. So making the statement of ‘record crop’ is clearly disinformation as it only talks about the best possible future outcome of many.

It is very amazing that the phrase ‘food shortage’ has suddenly and persistently found it’s way into the news. Before this it was only heard in conjunction with places in Africa where food shortages were tied to war or other infighting. Today the word global has been added to the phrase.

If you really want to know what is going on, talk to someone who orders food for a restaurant. Excluding places like McDonalds and other fast food outlets, you will start to hear that prices are going up at an alarming rate. Some restaurant owners are predicting a shortfall on food supplies come August. Supply and demand control the prices, and not some spin doctor trying to say there is no problem.

This is clearly one of the first significant changes due to global warming that will have negative effects on the human species. The problem is apparently not localized to one part of the planet this time around, and a person would be hard pressed finding a similar global event in history.

This is simply nature doing what some politicians can’t find in themselves to do. Nature is not politically correct or subtle when it does it’s thing, so it is best to plan for that. Simply things will get worse before they get better. If the planet can not produce enough food because we changed the climate, the climate must change back to reverse the trend. That will not happen over night as this change did not happen overnight.

It is becoming more apparent that a significant tipping point has been reached. El nino and La nina will have a say and there may be a good year now and again in the future but on average with the increasing population, and crop yields down, the food shortage can only get worse. There is nobody saying this is short term, but give the spin doctors a few weeks and they will get around to it.

That brings us to the question of what can we do at the grass roots level. Other than planting a garden in your back yard not much. The real action must come further up the food chain so to speak, with influence from politicians and corporations who can make a difference. Again this is not an overnight fix.

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