Nature’s reminder of who’s in charge

This month nature has already made two loud and clear reminders of who is in charge. First Cyclone Nargis that hit Burma May 3rd, and then a 7.9 earthquake in China on May 12th. Between the two events the possibility of well over 100,000 people dying is a very likely outcome. As the time of this entry, the numbers are going up by the hour and the final total will not be known for several weeks.

We can not contribute earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos and illness (like the potential Bird flu pandemic) to global warming, however it seems nearly everything else we can. We as humans like to forget we are just as much a part of nature as everything we touch. We forget we respond to nature’s cues the same as every living thing. It does not take much for nature to end the lives of so many people so quickly. For us humans to match natures rate of ending lives would require placing mushrooms in the sky of the same type Japan saw near the end of world war two.

With that thought in mind we are once again reminded not to upset the balance of nature. If nature can end the lives of over 100,000 humans in under 5 hours of actual event time, think about what the world will be like when events like this happen constantly when global warming gets worse. As the wealthy and powerful who neglect and rape the planet continue to piss nature off, huge Hurricanes or whatever they are called locally will be the norm, and as usual the poor and weak will be the first to go as nature starts to thin the population by tens of thousands at a time. Add to that the prolonged food shortage that is just starting and a very different world starts to emerge.

As sea levels rise the storm surge will extend inland to places that have never experienced tidal surges before. Much of what makes population centers run is very near the shoreline including food distribution. They will be damaged and unusable for some time putting strain on the survivability of the local population. All of this has the effect of reducing the population. We have seen nature perform the same task time and time again with different species of life on the planet. To think we are somehow exempt from natures hand makes us look like fools and very possibly deserving to be removed from the face of the earth. That certainly matches what Darwin had to say about survival of the fittest.

So as we look at the short term future of this planet the people that deny global warming have less and less basis for their statements while others are experiencing example after example. However don’t take what some people say personally. Some are actually paid to say stupid things like ‘there is no global warming.’ It is like when the tobacco companies said smoking is not bad for you. The position of these companies and their spokesmen will only change what they say when they can see a way to make a profit from global warming. The translation of that lacks any form of ethics that I can find. It simply seems we must do for ourselves.

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