Psychiatric Disorder: Obsessive Political Correctness

There is clear evidence that political correctness at the level it is at now can be easily defined as a psychiatric disorder. With total disregard for facts that may be politically incorrect, the desire to be politically correct attacks the presenter of the facts as an extreme viewpoint because the findings were not politically correct.

This desire to attack a person because the undeniable facts that person presented were not politically correct is a clear sign of mental illness. Other examples include attacking a person because their opinion was not politically correct, or rewriting history because some representations were not politically correct. Wikipedia the on line encyclopedia is presently undergoing just such an attack. The list goes on and as it does a clear pattern of intolerance is emerging.

The first amendment in the Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of speech. That can clearly be seen is America’s highest law simply because it was important enough to be first. However at the level of obsession of today’s politically correct world, punishing a person who exercises their right of free speech if what they say is not politically correct is totally acceptable even if it is against the law to bring about such a punishment. The form of punishment can come in many forms usually ending up to cause some financial loss like loss of a job. The desire to be politically correct simply overrides everything else. Because of this latent financial pressure, people simply give up their right of free speech and comply and the entire politically correct movement becomes like a snowball rolling down a hill gathering mass as it goes.

The parallels of political correctness and Nazi Germany of the 1930’s and early 1940’s are nearly identical. Where the Nazi attacked the Jews because they were different in someway, today’s political correctness attacks those who do not conform. The end results are the same.

There have been several studies done of the mind set of the German people of that era and as you find and read them you can see the same disturbing trend in today’s politically correct movement. There are many more followers than there are leaders, and somehow the followers feel compelled to do as the leader even if the leader is wrong. This is called a sheep mentality where people lack the ability to think for themselves.

To stop this cycle of obsessive political correctness, people must simply feel it is more negative than positive. This suggestion must be planted on a subconscious level to have the most effect. The simplest way is to simply disclose the truth that being politically correct has become an obsessive sickness and is now seen as a Psychiatric Disorder. Because people don’t want to be seen as sick they will drop the idea of being politically correct like a hot potato. This message must be spread by credible people in the mental health field and not be silenced by the politically correct movement as the presenters being of extreme view. It will require several psychiatric doctors stepping forward. That certainly will take as much courage as the American soldiers in the first wave of landing craft at Normandy on D Day June 6,1944.

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