Democratic Primary finally ends as personalties are revealed

After a long drawn out battle between two cutting edge campaigns, one victor emerges. Because of the length of the campaign It gave the American public a chance to glimpse the underlying personalities of the democratic candidates that will reflect what type of President they will be if elected in November.

It was not so much a choice between the first woman President or the first black President, it was a choice of ideals and ideas, recycled thinking or new. In the end the wisdom of the people have chosen their best hope to continue their dreams and aspirations for the next 4 to 8 years.

Taking a look at Hillary Clinton, from time to time she came across as being unyielding and a bit arrogant. That could signal that there could be a lot of conflict between her and congress. If that were the case few bills would get passed and America may suffer on the domestic side. On the positive side it says she would stand her ground when it came to dealing with other governments. Although she has a lot of good ideas, force feeding them is not good. When she was First lady she was given the task of health care. How she dealt with it at that time is still apparent in her personality today.

As for Barack Obama, he comes across as being more in touch with people and younger signifying new ideas and new directions. Passing the torch to a younger generation has it’s appeal particularly after 8 years of an unpopular president. On the domestic side, Barack seems to have a connection with the people as seeing things from both sides of the tracks. As for his position on the war in Iraq, Barack will soon have to face reality that one does not get up off the toilet until you finished wiping. To leave now without finishing the job will only bring bigger and more costly problems later. Other international policies will be shaped on his perception of right and wrong. Looking at where his life has taken him before his days in politics will provide that answer.

As for experience, that is not as big of an issue is some make it out to be. Successful presidents surround themselves with experienced advisors, just choosing what advice to follow it the only real challenge to a lesser experienced President.

Next looking at comparing what the Democrats have to offer vs the Republicans, John McCain comes across at the staple while Barack Obama comes across as the new dish never tried before. Barack Obama also is a newcomer to inside the DC beltway. That translates into not having made too many enemies and that can only be seen positive for getting things done.

As for the politically correct minefield that all American politicians must now navigate, Barack Obama seems to have come out well so far. However as any politician knows from time to time unpopular decisions must be made, and how that is handled by Barack Obama is still to be seen in public. His first main test will be on the war in Iraq. John McCain has show where he stands and for the moment it provides clarity in the Republican choice that is still unseen in the Democratic choice for President.

With Barack Obama having lived in Indonesia for part of his life, he may be better received by Muslims in other countries, thus making the USA seem less arrogant in their eyes. This is an advantage over John McCain as his time out of the USA was not by his choice as he was a POW.

As each candidate has demonstrated their ability in the choirs of the Senate, how they are as a soloist in the Oval office is still to be seen.

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