H5N1 Bird flu in the USA

The H5N1 bird flu is in the USA, or is it? It is seemingly a possibility as the virus has been detected on the door step of the USA and not in the USA. At the speed in witch it arrived leaves one to wonder if an information blackout is underway.

Almost overnight the H5N1 virus jumped the Atlantic ocean and was found in parts of Canada. However seemingly there is some sort of unseen barrier that has stopped the virus from entering the USA. After watching movies and TV programs like the X-files, one can quickly see how a news blackout can be imposed. Certainly in the matters of national security such a blackout is proper, and no doubt there are mechanisms in place to do that. However the question is, is there such a blackout going on now? What would the reason be for this? Who would it benefit and why?

If there was sudden news that the H5N1 virus was found in Mexico, there would be no doubt a blackout was being imposed. One could only conclude that the government of the USA saw it best to not tell Americans about the virus being present. That would lead to what fallout?

This is not a long post, however to bring up the possibility that important news is being kept from the public does bring up moral and ethical issues.

2 Responses to H5N1 Bird flu in the USA

  1. H5N1 in Canada??

    There are two kinds; low pathogenic and high pathogenic. The Low variety has been in the USA for some time and crops up from time to time; without any news blackout. The highly pathogenic variety is what everyone is concerned with, not the low. Distinctly different H5N1’s.

    I would suggest you determine which variety has been in Canada.

  2. I just read a news article

    Tyson Foods, Inc., issued a statement saying the chickens showed no signs of the illness and pose no threat to human health. However, in the event of the chickens becoming infected it could lead to a potential threat to humans, according to Alexander.

    End quote.

    Meaning the culled a lot of chickens. This does make me think that this may have been the H5N1 virus, but just said something else. The only way a person could prove or disprove that would be in a lab, and therefore a very easy lie to propagate.