Burma’s junta angry at international media

For some reason Burma’s junta seems to think the free press will not call it like it is. While Burma’s junta was busy keeping help out, people continued to needlessly die of secondary reasons. Accusations of fake footage harming Burma’s image, only outline the audacity of this ill bunch.

With tens of thousands dead, the junta expects the world to think this cyclone was equal to a spring rain. Their anger simply outlines one of their fears for not wanting to let people in. They have been a bunch of bad boys and they know it. Now they fear undeniable proof of their actions could cut off their supply of imports from other countries. This is nothing less than someone who is guilty pleading not guilty just looking to buy time to destroy evidence and suppress witnesses. There is more truth to this than just a metaphor, there is a good chance they could be placed on trial for crimes against humanity at some point in the future for inaction, but that domino has yet to fall.

Turning back aid ships that are desperately needed and they expect the world to turn their head and not look shows just how far gone they are. One has to think a lot about what thoughts were/are going through the junta’s head to make such a inhumane decision. The aid that was sent was taken from the people who delivered it for possibly two reasons. One is they wanted it for themselves, and second was to hide the truth.

China and Thailand are considered closer to Burma’s junta than other countries, and you can see similar policies in both countries. China and the issue about Tibet, and from Thailand, the old power brokers and the methods they used. When the USA asked Thailand it intervene and Burma’s junta turned that down, that shows their fear goes past that closeness.

Just sending photos related to this disaster from inside Burma can place a persons life in danger. Many if not all the photos reaching the world are done so against the junta’s wishes. The same was so when they started slaughtering people in the streets last year for simply protesting about higher costs. One can only imagine that this natural disaster will cause similar problems. Hunger will eventually override the fear of the junta’s guns.

Unfortunately this is an ongoing story simply because so many people are suffering needlessly. I am sure The junta is eagerly awaiting some other major news story in some other part of the world to divert attention.

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