Scott McClellan under attack

The politically correct movement as predicted is attacking Scott McClellan. The attacks have no basis and only seek to discredit Scott because his book “What Happened” was not politically correct. This predictability and action fully supports that obsessive political correctness is a Psychiatric disorder by seeking to destroy the person whether his comments were truthful or not.

Scott McClellan was chosen by the President of the United States to be his spokesman. To be chosen for this office requires impeccable credentials as well as a positive personality that the public could relate with. Scott had and still has all of this, but the politically correct movement would love to put Scott and his book in the shredder.

Reed Dickens is one of the people presently attacking Scott. Reed Dickens is a former White House Assistant Press Secretary, national spokesperson and member of the communications strategy team for a successful presidential campaign, and the founder and CEO of Outside Eyes. Outside Eyes offers a nation-wide network of battle-tested strategists who have:

  • Served in top communications roles for the White House, presidential campaigns and federal government agencies.
  • Served as executives at the nation’s top communications firms.
  • Advised Fortune 500 companies and CEOs, governors and celebrities.
  • Managed dozens of national and international media crises ranging from wars and natural disasters to political indictments and corporate scandals.

Simply Reed’s job is to make Scott look like the lunatic who slipped between the cracks no matter what. Perhaps Reed should first look at fixing the typo’s on the who we are page of his public relations company before attacking someone who is credible.

From Edward I. Koch;
McClellan left on what appeared to be the best of terms. According to Tim Russert on “Meet The Press” this past Sunday, McClellan’s first book proposal stated that he was writing a memoir supportive of the Bush administration. If, for historical reasons, McClellan wanted, with the passage of a reasonable time and not to affect an election to be held in a few months, to provide his experiences to set the record straight, I would applaud his candor. But to do what he has done is to damn himself and his name forever. To do a “Scott McClellan” should, from now on, be a way of describing someone engaged in an act of treachery and disloyalty.

I am taking note that there is an attempt to marry the name Scott McClellan with terms like ‘Doing a NASDAQ’ or ‘Going Postal’ as both are very negative. Again this action further supports that obsessive political correctness is a psychiatric disorder.

It does not matter if these people and others were hired by the White House or not, the fact that they are attacking Scott and not making a counter point is just a bunch of cheap shots. They would be more credible in everyone’s eyes if they could make a counter point. People that complain are a dime a dozen, people that can provide productive criticism are highly respected and valued in any society except possibly a dictatorship.

However as the politically correct movement ramps up it’s obsession to ruin Scott simply because they did not like what he said, Scott McClellan has agreed to testify next week before the House Judiciary Committee about his assertions that top Bush administration officials misled him about their role in the leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson. Apparently the people that want to question Scott still see him as impeccable.
As the attacks continue on Scott and others like him who chose to make use of America’s highest law known as the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, the mental illness of political correctness becomes more vivid. It becomes easier to draw a comparison between obsessive political correctness and the movie character Norman Bates.

Political correctness being a Psychiatric disorder must be brought into the light. Only when people see that it is a form of mental sickness will they be encouraged to stop.

This story is ongoing
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3 Responses to Scott McClellan under attack

  1. Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template

  2. Roger Yates says:

    First, I do not need to defend anyone’s credibility to a random blogger. What I did want to clarify is this: People are not upset with Scott because he disagrees with the President or changed his mind. They are upset because he made some serious acusations but yet can’t seem to verify any of them with facts…which is often the speculation with bloggers.”

  3. Susan Johnson says:

    I would have to disagree with you Roger. Koch is clearly attacking the timing of the book. With Koch being a former Mayor of New York I can see where he is coming from with the need to have loyal staff. As for Reed Dickens if he had any evidence he would or should have used it. Reed sounds like someone who has no basis for his position and is just trying to use who he is a clout. With other things I have read I think this blog post is a correct assessment. The attack is uncalled for and unsupported there fore it is just an attack on Scott’s character. I work in a big office that everyone is working in genuine fear of crossing the politically correct line and risk losing their job. We have had two rounds of layoffs already and the people that were laid off were mostly very outspoken. That should not be the case. I can also see that part of the stress in the office is from the zero tolerance on sexual harassment. I fully agree that obsessive political correctness is an illness. I would go back and read the first blog post on this and see if you feel the same.