There is no oil

The undeniable truth is about to hit the world with explosive consequences, there simply is no oil. The ability to deny that simple fact will completely fall apart in the next few months.

As the world teeters on the verge of global economic meltdown governments will eventually have to acknowledge there is no oil and that fact was hidden with a huge cover story to stem panic and hoarding. Demand has outstripped supply and the price of oil is testimony to that.

No government wants to risk recession and they will go through extensive measures to see that does not happen. If the price of oil was to drop to $30.00 per barrel, the souring economy in the USA as well as other places in the world would most likely recover inside a month.

In some countries violence is starting because people can no longer afford the fuel to make a living. No country in their right mind would let conditions deteriorate to violence if it could be avoided. However the source of that violence is the cover story leading people to believe that there is still oil. If they knew there was no oil the events unfolding would be entirely different.

The rules of supply and demand govern the prices of everything, there is no way around that. The effects of high prices from low supply may temporarily be hidden from public view with government subsidies, but this is way too big for any such hiding. Simply this would bankrupt the country.

Things are about to go from bad to worse everywhere, and particularly so when the demand for heating returns along with the next winter in the northern hemisphere. The world is about to become a very different place, and no matter how much Xanax you take, it will not change reality.

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