The PAD take Government House

In Bangkok Thailand, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) successfully marched to the Government House through police lines. The police put up good resistance however the PAD was able to employ tactics that breached the police lines in a little under 2 hours. Although this event was seen as a conflict, it was just as much about saving face.

After the PAD successfully marched to the government house, the police removed all of its blockades. The police had to do what the government said and they did so without violence by not bringing any guns. However with the police limited to simply being obstacles in the road, the PAD quickly overcame them. There were also reports of police turning back chartered busses from outside of Bangkok with PAD protesters seeking to join the rally.

Now with the PAD quite literally parked on the doorstep of government, it will be very difficult for the government to ignore them. The PAD have the people, the law as well as the constitution on their side. If the police used any force on the PAD it would have been seen as violating the constitution and that would have meant bigger problems for the government than it already has.

There are members of the People Power Party (PPP) who are very accustom to using force, and were seeking to use it on the PAD. However that may have resulted in a coup as the government would have been seen as using force on peaceful protesters. There was a group of anti PAD protesters gathering near the PAD before the march. The chances of them being hired to attack the PAD was very high, and would have been seen as a covert attack as this very same tactic was employed against the PAD in 2006.

With the PAD now in front of the government house, this may mark a turning point where the PPP lead government is clearly on the defensive. The Prime Minister faces a variety of issues including not appearing before the Senate for questioning. This may result in his removal from office. There is also a censure debate and a no confidence vote waiting in parliament for him. However the PAD seems not willing to wait for the Constitution to work, but with good reason.

The PPP does not seem to care too much about the constitution only that it is in the way of what they want to do and what they did thus far. It may be necessary to not let the PPP wiggle out, escape or otherwise not take responsibility for their actions. By keeping the light of attention on the PPP, it becomes much more difficult to let that happen as they can’t even seem to find the interest to answer questions they are compelled to answer.

This all comes back down to just one person who is behind the PPP. That is Thaksin Shinawatra who was removed from power by the 2006 coup, and now is very obviously trying to get back in power and end all criminal charges he has pending.

It continues to be true that anyone who has dealings with Thaksin Shinawatra ends up getting burned in the end. It would seem the PPP is nothing more than a bunch of human shields for Thaksin. If and when they go down he will simply get more and make another attempt. Thaksin has no loyalties to anyone except himself.

The PAD seek to insure that Thaksin pays for the damage he has done, and with the government seen as meddling in the legal process with attempts to assist Thaksin in escaping the courts and getting back into power, the PPP has brought the PAD down on themselves.

One Response to The PAD take Government House

  1. Boonchuay says:

    Thaksin has done many bad things to Thailand. Human right issue(kill almost 3000 innocent people), large scale corruption, change all the law to his business interest. He is the evil thing that do so many bad things to Thailand with his greedy desire.

    He is the man with no honor