Thailand’s political grilling continues

As day 4 of the grilling starts, Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has still more or less refused to answer questions with acceptable answers. Other ministers are being hit with questions that should have never been needed to be asked had the government been transparent. The answers are showing a pattern of being self-serving and or lack of ability and know how.

There is no doubt in peoples minds that the Peoples Power Party (PPP) is not doing a good job. Only the people with lesser educations may not be able to pick that out. The fact that this censure debate comes only 4 months after the PPP took office and has so much ammunition to shoot at the PPP says a lot about their poor performance. There has been much criticism by the PPP on the earliness of this debate, however with the amount of ammunition being fired at them strongly suggest it is at the right time.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is acting a bit smug, because the PPP is the majority and he fully suspects if not instructed the PPP members of parliament how to vote. It is a bit like giving the prisoners the keys to the jail. This is on going.

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