Fanatical Political Correctness Part 1

It certainly must be an uncomfortable Deja vu for the Jewish people to see any type of fanaticism on the rise after going through the Holocaust. To see that people can so easily lose control of their common sense judgment and become a heard of sheep obsessed with something would very clearly be unsettling. Each step along the way people becoming more and more obsessed with a perceived goal of perfection.

So the question is posed in very general terms ‘Are the views of Osama bin Laden seeking to only have his definition of purity any different than the definition of purity sought by the politically correct movement?’ The only answer is there is no difference.

When looking at the goal of the political correct movement one can only conclude ‘We want to make the world a friendly non invasive place just like it was when we were on Antidepressant drugs.’ Certainly the over prescribing of antidepressant drugs is having a huge influence on political correctness. If you care to remember 4 of 5 people on antidepressants don’t need to be on them.

Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepines can produce hypersensitivity to the harsh realities of life. With that thought in mind it makes sense with all those people going through withdrawal that they would be on the front lines of the political correct movement. Translation, their withdrawal from benzodiazepines is making life intolerable for everyone.

Benzodiazepines were only meant for short term use, however the insurance companies had other ideas pushing for long term use because it made their bottom line fatter. Perhaps it may be time to have a few politically incorrect words with the insurance companies who steered our doctors into drugging the world. I may suggest “You will be hearing from my Lawyer”as a good place to start.

According to political correctness, we all must need to be protected from the harsh reality of life. I wonder if it will ever come to the point when our soldiers go to war and if they get within ear shout of the enemy, hearing the enemy calling them politically incorrect names our soldiers will break down in tears and want to run home. It may sound funny at first but if you think about it for a minute it starts to sound more real than sarcastic with the path political correctness is on.

When I was young and just starting school I had a very good friend who I will just call Dave. After the first year in school Dave’s parents opted to put Dave in a Catholic school. I lost touch with Dave for many years after that. A few years after graduation I ran into Dave at a restaurant and we started to catch up on each others lives. Dave was having a hard time coping with life. Catholic schools teach for their version of the perfect world without conflict, unpleasant people and so on, they do not teach about the real world. Because of that Dave was not able to cope with many of the harsh realities of the real world. For me I was not affected at all. Many of the lessons learned in the corridors of the school between classes were being applied in life. The cross section of students in public schools is the same as the cross section of people in the real world. Simply non of that existed in Dave’s Catholic school. Ironically Dave was entertaining the though of seeing a doctor to get some sort of prescription so he could better deal with the harsh realities of life.

Over protection can be just as bad as under protection, however the politically correct movement is blind to that simple fact. We see it all the time in nature when young animals discover what a nest of bees or the back end of a skunk is all about.

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