Thailand’s PM Samak delay sends wrong message

Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is sending the wrong message to the Thai people by delaying a cabinet reshuffle. After the recent censure debate it became very clear that parts of the cabinet are dysfunctional. By delaying a cabinet reshuffle Samak is sending a ‘I don’t care‘, or some other negatively perceived message.

Samak seems to have place himself in a position that is balanced between making a comment on his weekly radio talk show that “he will not let the media dictate what to do” thus holding out to save face, or doing the right thing for the country by doing as the media suggested. There is however a third and fourth very possible reason.

The third reason is there simply is no suitable talent amongst what he has to choose from. That is a real possibility looking at the track record so far. Add to that most if not all are Thaksin cronies that have little or no knowledge of how to do their job. Very few show that they have what it takes.

The fourth reason is Thaksin who is the true power behind the ruling People Power Party (PPP) has not yet given the OK and Thaksin may want Samak out. By not giving the OK it simply makes Samak look bad.

No matter how you look at it Samak’s cabinet as it stands is not meeting the needs of Thailand and the longer the delay the worse Samak looks no matter what the reason for the delay.

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