Thailand’s government angry at spotlight

It does not take much detective work to spot that Thailand’s ruling party the People Power Party (PPP) does not like being in the spotlight. The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) is very clearly deep under their skin. The PPP is clearly trying to rid itself of the PAD but the only way that can be done is with illegal means.

The PAD is constantly changing to reach one of it’s goals of getting clean politicians in office so that work can finally be done for the Thai people. There are a few other goals of equal importance like seeing that Thaksin Shinawatra gets his just deserves and is forever out of politics.

The PAD has proposed a “New Politics” platform, saying that it was not an invitation for a military coup d’etat but a way out of dirty politics.

The PAD introduced its new administrative structure at its anti-government demonstration on Friday night July 4. The proposal is seen by political observers and the People Power party (PPP) as a call for military intervention.

Mr Pibhop, however, said in fact the group wanted the military to consider their New Politics proposal before taking part in any effort to develop politics – all without staging a coup.

PPP MP Jatuporn Phromphan said the New Politics was just a veiled invitation to the military to intervene.

Mr Jatuporn said those proposing New Politics had violated Article 113 of the Criminal Code, for which the maximum punishment is the death penalty. He also demanded police take action against PAD leaders. Article 113 says that people who try to abolish the constitution or the legal, administrative, and judicial powers which it underpins will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death for treason.

However as the New politics was just a proposal it is doubtful any action will be taken. This clearly has the PPP annoyed to put is simply as they desperately hunt for a legal way to rid themselves of the PAD. The PPP is clearly out of it’s element by needing to obey laws.

It was not but a month or two ago the PPP was dead set on gutting the constitution themselves for what was seen as self serving reasons. That was part of the catalyst that relaunched the PAD.

However as the PPP may have a difficult time in ridding themselves of the PAD, the PAD did suffer a set back that clearly has become controversial. As the PAD is conducting a marathon rally in front of the Government house and they have effected some nearby schools with their PA system. The court ruled that the PAD must clear the street during certain hours of the day and not make use of their PA system as it was disturbing classes with frequent use of foul language.

At one point the police were going to move on the PAD to disburse them however the court has not ordered it. The issue is now a conflict between the freedoms of the constitution and others being bothered by the rally. This is clearly a problem for the PAD as it may discredit them. The top military brass also weighed in saying the PAD should respect the ruling of the court. No doubt this will be contested further in the courts. This however can lead to big problems for the PAD as it may cause them to become what they are fighting.

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