American politics goes politically incorrect

It was going to happen sooner or later, someone could not resist the low road to the top. The negative attempts are rather humorous and at the same time shows what we humans are hiding just under the surface, and that is even politicians running for President are essentially politically incorrect.

People could use this to attack political correctness directly, but that would be wrong. Political correctness is for politicians, and the fact that negative political ads go completely against political correctness, does leave people wondering why everyone else who is not a politician is even bothering to be politically correct.

The simple fact that excessive political correctness does meet the definition of a psychiatric disorder may have something to do with this too. America does not need a President who is viewed as emotionally unstable and or abnormal. The campaign managers may have consulted with the mental health community and concluded that acting more ‘NORMAL’ would win more votes. Simply put, that mean less political correctness.

We have all heard the occasional sound bite of someone of portrayed high standards letting loose around an open microphone and then having to kiss ass later for displaying true colors. One of the more recent was Jesse Jackson using the word ‘nigger’ in a semi private conversation and then having to find a politically correct way out. You may also recall Jesse Jackson was at one time a candidate for President.

John McCain was the first to show what is just beneath the surface, and that is political correctness is not a natural state. The attack’s suggestion that all the woes of high oil prices falls squarely on the shoulders of Barack Obama. That is a bit hard to follow as all of the major decisions to charge full speed down the dead end oil road that lead to today’s problems were made before Barack was inside the Washington beltway.

The fact that Europe has good feelings about Barack Obama and his proposed direction, and John McCain trying to spin that negative, may be a revolving door that may come around and hit John McCain in the ass. The fact that Europe likes Barack Obama is a good start, and it does make things easier for him. However it may be more of we don’t like George Bush and not we like Barack Obama.

There is no need to start dissecting each and every negative ad, just the fact that they are negative means that they are politically incorrect. Keep that in mind the next time you manually reselect words to be politically correct.

So as this continues to unfold we are reminded of our true nature that is just beneath the surface and is only covered over and hidden by society being content. It is easy to imagine high oil prices, mortgage foreclosures and unemployment  will put a good dent in that layer of comfort.

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