No shadow in Bangkok

Some people are very concerned about our planet, from time to time we may find time to sit back and enjoy it and see things unique to a time or a place. It could be watching the tide come in at the Bay of Fundy, or it could be watching a solar or lunar eclipse.

Because of where Bangkok is on the globe, on Saturday August 16 at 12:21 PM the sun will be directly overhead leaving you with little or no shadow. This event only happens 2 times per year and the other time is around April 26. This in itself is not very spectacular, but if you have children, it could be a unique time to get them interested in our planet. It is interesting to note it does not happen the same time each year.

If you are interested in learning more about natural phenomenon as to when things happen, Please visit the US Naval Observatory website where you can find interactive programs that will make calculations for you including the exact time the sun and moon rise and set, along with many other interesting scientific facts that can stimulate a young mind.

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