Thaksin’s ‘Hide the Real Owner’ game with Manchester City begins

Thaksin Shinawatra looks to be wanting to play the ‘Hide the Real Owner’ game with Manchester City. Looking at the news from the United Kingdom on this, the game may have already started.

It would seem Thaksin has his doubts that he will survive the ‘Fit and Proper’ assessment needed to be owner and head honcho. If the fugitive status is being question, then a conviction on September 17 will certainly be a fatal blow for Thaksin.

Quoting the Associated Press;

MANCHESTER, England – Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has offered to resign from the club’s board and has been advised to stay away from Sunday’s game against West Ham over fears for his safety.

This one sentence tends to sum up how things are going thus far. The fear for his safety whether hyped or not may simply spell it was safer in Thailand as the Manchester City fans may have already passed judgment on the fit and proper issue with the fugitive Thaksin. Needless to say if this is the case, Thaksin clearly has misjudged how he would be received, and he will need more than few Baht to buy them over as he did in Thailand.

It is important to keep in mind that Thaksin likes to play hide and seek with layers upon layers of documents when it comes to who owns what. The Shin corporation deal at the start of 2006 is just one example. When the phrase ‘Mystery arab group is standing by’ appears in the news, sets off alarm bells with anyone who truly knows Thaksin. It is not hard to close your eyes and imagine Thaksin’s son walking in dressed up as a sheik.

Quoting News of the world;

A MYSTERY Arab group is standing by to prise control of Manchester City from controversial owner Thaksin Shinawatra.

The mega-rich Emirates-based company want to buy out the former Thai Prime Minister whose future at the Emirates is shrouded in uncertainty.

Although Shinawatra is looking for financial backers to come to his rescue and has been scouring the Far East, few investors are interested without assuming complete control.

Members of the Emirates group are keen to make him a buy-out offer and have made their initial interest known.

So as dots are connected and this picture continues to unfold, a typical Thaksin pattern is starting to emerge. Thaksin wants to be in control but he must now do so from behind the scenes. If that at all sounds familiar the name People power Party (PPP) from Thailand may also sound familiar.

This does pose the question if he can pull this off in the United Kingdom with all the western scrutiny that will surround any transaction. Needless to say anyone who wants to play this game with Thaksin must also understand the phrase ‘Dance with the devil.’

It is important to understand the British government will be watching this as consideration for political asylum. If Thaksin looks to muck things up in the United Kingdom with shady deals and back alley handshakes,… well you can connect that dot yourself.

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