Below the line

It seems that to become a high ranking official in the People Power Party (PPP) government in Thailand, your moral and ethical qualifications must be below a low standard. With the increasing pressure on the Samak Sundaravej lead government, only those people with such low standards can blow off the pressure and focus completely on their greed.

Outside of a very short list of perhaps 1, the Samak appointments to the government have been completely opposite of what one may call the right choice for Thailand. These types of decisions leave you standing with your mouth open with a desire to bang your head against a wall. Nearly every person has been associated with a crime or under investigation. It is no coincident that these people are all associated with the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra.

When Thaksin was Prime Minister, the same desire to bang your head against a wall was a near daily occurrence as one wrong decision for Thailand was made after another. So there is no doubt this is just a continuation of that. So it is no wonder why the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) is on the streets again. Amazingly enough Samak seems baffled as to why they are there.

There is no need to name anyone in particular who has questionable moral and ethical standards as each person who is familiar with this bunch has their own personal favorite villain. They also are like weeds, unless you get the root they just grow back. There are some ministers that per the Constitution must step down if the court accepts a case against them. We are now coming up on a month for them after just such a thing happened, and they are still in office. Certainly their morals and ethics are below that line.

The recent announcement by PPP members of Parliament saying if Samak is disqualified we will just vote him right back into office as he is the best possible choice. There is no need to explain how sadly embarrassing for Thailand that single statement is after one gets a good look at Samak. Seeing is the Prime Minister is the face of Thailand the world sees, the loss of face is tremendous. Depending on how each country’s government is structured, it could be a President, a Prime Minister, royalty, or even some junta generals the world connects with as to be synonymous with the country.

Imagine what the world sees and concludes when Samak decided not to revoke the passports of the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. It is just another message to avoid doing business with Thailand, and that hurts every Thai one way or another. That is just a simple no brainer that Thaksin’s passports should be revoked. Anyone with morals and ethics would see this. Thaksin is already feeling heat from people where he is hiding, as it is that obvious his passport should be revoked.

Because Thaksin has chosen the high profile road for yet another comeback attempt, he is about to feel what it is like to have your name and face published on a sex offenders list for all to see. If Thaksin is upset with the PAD portrayal of him, just give it a month or so in London and see how he feels. He is about to get a taste of the not so friendly side of western culture from people above that moral and ethical line. Because they are looking at Thaksin, they are also looking at Thailand. Ironically enough, with Thaksin being a fugitive in London, and the general opinion people have of him as they learn about him, Thaksin will single handily swell the numbers of the PAD with non Thais in London who are above that moral and ethical line.

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