Cycling USA with China

If you have ever seen pictures of China from the 1970’s and 1980’s you would have distinctly noticed tens of thousands of people getting around on two wheeled pedal power. At the same time in the United States you would have seen cars, cars, and more cars. Now today it would seem that is reversing in both countries.

Because the price to tank up your car has breached the insanity threshold in the USA, more and more people are getting back to basics and riding a bicycle to get around and also to make ends meet. What the government was unable to do for the people, the people have done for themselves. However the government can’t take all the blame for this.

America’s love affair with the car has deep roots some being found in those good old drive in movie theaters where young couples found the back seat to be more than a comfortable place to sit while actively fogging up the car windows.

It is an absolute no brainer that the price of oil have brought about this change in the good old United States, however the Chinese people are just starting to discover their very first car. There is a distinct trend of change here. China has provided fuel subsidies thus making it more affordable to drive a car, and although China recently reduced subsidies by about 18%, the result of that change has yet to be seen. China may simply go back to the ways of the past, or simply go electric. In any event, the need to become less dependant on oil is no longer just a concept, it has become a reality of life to simply survive economically. It does not matter who or where you are, the need to change is now part of your life weather you accept and agree with it or not.

Most certainly Big oil will push the politicians to make more bad choices, but now public feeling is shifting away from that thinking. Politicians who side with big oil will probably find that they are in their last term in public office as voters make that fact known come the next election day.

There is also a very distinct health benefit to this trend in the United states. This will certainly help America to work on trimming that waist line as horsepower is replaced with good old grunt and sweat.

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