Stoking the fire

With talks of talks between Thailand’s ruling party, and the anti government protesters, the casual observer has to ask why the governments left hand is not doing the same as the right hand. On the same day talks were being floated in the media as a solution for the problem, announcements of self serving changes to the Constitution will commence as soon as the new cabinet is seated. With changes to the Constitution being a major flash point, at the very least it suggests insincerity on the part of the government.

If anything has been a constant right along with the People Power Party (PPP) it has been take care of Thaksin and screw Thailand. The new Prime Minister may be that nice kind non confrontational face on the PPP, comfortable in using words to calm the storm, but the actions behind the face are much louder than the words. It seems there must be some synaptic connections not working with the PPP. Input from the sight and sound senses seems to be ignored. They are totally oblivious to the fact that self serving moves will bring the problems to the country.

The PPP seems to be acting like a computer virus. Most computer viruses are bent on doing damage one way or another. They don’t respond to commands from the keyboard and require special anti virus programs to deal with them.

Last time the program McCoupfee removed the virus but it was later reinstalled by mimicking another program. The McCoupfee program left a passive virus controlling program in the root directory called charter.exe to deal with any reoccurrence of the virus. The virus looks to be trying to reinstall thaksin.exe in the root directory, however thaksin.exe is not compatible with the Democracy operating system. Thaksin.exe looks to replace the Democracy operating system with the Dictator operating system.  However the virus has encountered charter.exe and now looks to disable it. Charter.exe redirects the virus to court.exe and that program is powerful enough to deal with the virus. The problem is court.exe is a very slow running program allowing much damage to be done before the virus can be eliminated. The attempt the virus is making on charter.exe is effecting the tourist.dll, SET.exe, and smile.dll in a very negative way. Should the virus manage to disable charter.exe, then most certainly the McCoupfee program will deal with the virus.

It is increasingly apparent that the PPP will not respond to anything short of the court or force to stop them. Talking and negotiation are at best a stalling and diversion tactic. With that said, the eventual outcome can only be one thing, and as distasteful as force may sound “By the Book’, it may be the only way if the PPP is successful in attacking the Constitution. The PPP is selecting the game called ‘Screw the law and do what we want’, so that simply means others must too enter in the game although unwillingly to stop the PPP.

2 Responses to Stoking the fire

  1. Seems to me that the McCoupfee program was bought from one of those pirate shops in Pantip (no wonder!).

    PAnDa anti-virus emerged with a group of volunteers giving out free samples of their program.

    Well, some are still (ignorantly) sceptical about their authenticity maybe because they simply do not believe that free hand-outs really work. (They’re too stuck up with expensive brand names that invest too much on the packaging than the product itself!)

    So… they decide to sit back and see if the whole system would really crash down like those PAnDa volunteers said it would (refusing to realize that the stake is just too high!).

  2. Now you realizing why we have these coup all the time in Thailand, because there is no other way to get rid of the virus. They laugh at the court and the law, no body can do anyhting.