So now what do we do?

As each day passes it becomes more and more obvious that we are on the threshold of major global changes. With crude oil in short supply, global warming taking it’s toll with extreme weather and a global food shortage, change is unavoidable.

Putting away that comfortable high energy consumption lifestyle is one of the things that people will be forced to give up. That gas guzzling SUV will probably be replaced with an electric car and that will be a big change for many. Stepping on public transportation will become more and more of the norm.

Deciding how to spend your summer will be different too. Going the the beach will become more difficult as rising sea levels eat up the distance between the water and the sea side parking lot where you park your car.

Going to the store for food will be different. The selection will be less and rationing may become a reality depending on how pissed off mother nature is with us for damaging the earth.

Working from home will become more accepted at least until better public transportation infrastructure is built.

Politicians will have to accept the new reality that bad decisions of the past in favor of making money brought much of this on us. The possibility of new laws that let the voters have more say will be a big possibility. Internet based voting may assist congress in their decision making as aggravated voters have their say on more that just election day.

There are many changes all of us will need to make. Have you given any thought to what changes you will make? It is not that far off, and unless you plan to die in the next year or two, you will be affected by this. Don’t be fooled.

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