Protectors of the monarchy

When it comes down to it in The Kingdom of Thailand, the protectors of the monarchy and the country are seen and respected by all. That is all except the people the protectors are fighting who have other agendas.

To set the stage for this post, you must first read this article from the Nation.


HM the Queen presided over the cremation of Angkana, 28, who died when police dispersed anti-government protesters near the Parliament on October 7.

Angkana’s father, Jinda, told reporters that HM the Queen extended moral support to his family for the loss of his daughter.

“HM the Queen told me that Angkana was a good girl, she helped protect the country and the monarchy,” Jinda told reporters after the cremation.

HM the Queen also said HM the King was informed of the matters and the donation to Radubpanya-avut family was HM the King’s contribution, Jinda said.

Now considering that Angkana died while protesting the People Power Party lead government and she helped protect the country and the monarchy, it is not rocket science to see that the Thaksin crony puppet government otherwise known as the People Power Party (PPP) is not seen in the same light. Couple that with a distraught looking Prime Minister after an audience with the King on the same day the Queen attended the funeral, the phrase ‘On the shit list’ comes to mind quite easily.

Without putting words into the mouths of royals, the body language of the Prime Minister after the royal meeting said it all. Together with the Queen attending the funeral for what could be considered a common person, one can come to their own conclusion as to how the royal family feels about the events in the Kingdom pertaining to the PPP government.

As subtle as the gesture was by the Queen to Angkana’s father, it was possibly the most political statement and gesture heard from the royal family in a very long time. Hopefully it will cause the Thais who support the PPP to pause and think a moment about what they are doing to the country and the monarchy. Although it was not spoken directly and seldom is, comments from the royals are left to each persons own interpretation. Birthday speeches by the King are often loaded with metaphors, and that allows everyone no matter what level of education they have to connect with the wise guidance of the King.

As Connecting the Dots likes to point out what is likely to happen next, this one is a tough call. Gut feeling is the PPP is about to come to an abrupt end one way or another. The pro government supporters will tone it down a bit and perhaps attempt to make some atonement. The PPP voter base in Isaan will give more careful thought during the next elections so as not to further upset the King.

That would most certainly be a best case scenario. However Thaksin on the other hand never gives up and he is likely to continue to make trouble until he is completely off line.

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  1. Long Live Their Majesties.