Economic crisis or economic adjustment

Depending on who you talk to, some will say this is a global economic crisis, and others will say it is a global economic adjustment. No matter how you look at it, some things don’t seem to add up just right and suggest some sort of manipulation.

Starting off with the price of oil that set this whole thing off, how is it that the price is roughly half of what it was just a few months ago. The amount of oil has not changed, and the usage has not halved, so why the big change is a valid question. Was it fear that pushed the price of oil to and past the insane level, or was it new people at the helm of the pricing department. Perhaps it was something else all together like price fixing. Connecting the Dots does not want to speculate, however it is a dot in flux.

Looking at the prices of homes in America that were $250,000.00 now selling for $50,000.00 and you need to ask why. The price of oil has little to do with the price of a house. Was the house over priced to begin with or what.

This is a giant cause and effect puzzle that will take some time to sort out, right now everyone is just trying to hold on to what seems to be a global NASDAQ. However if Connecting the Dots was to put money on the roulette table, the feeling there was market manipulation going on is a stronger than normal gut feeling just by the huge drop in prices.

The media has been making subtle hints that much of the inflated prices that started all of this were based on fear and not fact. So if you can call that manipulation, then that may be a cause. However a reasonable answer may be the changing of the guard.

If a significant number of top experts were to leave around the same time, the next tier would move up to take their place. Depending on what percentage of new and old were making pricing decisions, some wisdom and experience could be lost and replaced with the old error on the safe side and price high mentality. Unfortunately the sheep mentality may prevail and if you have read about that here at Connecting the Dots in our previous posts, you know exactly what that is all about.

This once again brings us to the thought of a global currency to bring stability in the event of future problems. That could help to once again make things affordable and help to flatten out the curve between poverty and riches between countries.

So Connecting the Dots is saying, keep your eyes open for some market manipulator running out the back door with your hard earned money. Not to say there is or is not one, only saying is to just watch. Some things just don’t fit and if it takes more than a minute to explain and your eyes glaze over, check that back door.

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