Thaksin’s next degrading of Thais

There has been much concern in Thailand about a potential speech by the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and what problems it would cause in Thailand. Whatever happens will decide how the world sees and judges the Thai people for the next several years.

For the most part Thaksin has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to two years in jail. The people of the world see this and accept that outcome as legitimate. The reason is the high Thai courts have been a shining star so to speak in the eyes of the world over the past 2 years. Much of that high status comes from the courts listening to the wisdom of the King.

Thaksin looks to plea is case to the court of public opinion in Thailand as the world watches on. The first thing that would be degrading is if the government allows Thaksin’s presentation to happen. After all the government should not be seen helping a fugitive. They have no problem is stopping other things that may hurt Thailand. There is a huge risk of fallout and to allow Thaksin to speak would sent a message to the world that the Thai government does not respect the ruling of the court. With that said you can imagine how the world court of public opinion will react.

The fact that Thailand seems to be bracing for violence as fallout from Thaksin’s speech causes a very degrading view of the Thai government for this no brainer decision. It is best not to let Thaksin speak to keep the peace.

The second thing will depend on what Thaksin says. If he continues to twist things around as he did, Thaksin will most certainly be degrading himself in the eyes of the world. That particularly so with the several public rebuttals that properly set things straight. If nothing but nonsense and twisted views emerge from Thaksin’s mouth, eyes will look at how the Thais are receiving and reacting to Thaksin’s plain and simple bullshit. It is at this point the Thai people as a whole will be judged by the world.

If the Thais are seen as rejecting Thaksin, they will save face in the eyes of the world. However if they accept Thaksin’s bullshit as gospel the world would see the Thai people in a much lower status, being perhaps stupid, dumb, backwards and gullible. The world will see the Thais as not respecting the ruling of their own high court when the rest of the world does. Tie to that the world has already connected that followers of Thaksin are of the violent variety, it further degrades the Thai people. The international media is usually not refined enough to show differing shades of grey, and as a result all Thais will be lumped into the same group. We all have seen how public opinion finds it difficult to separate groups of people. For the most part the world has a very bad view of the Muslims even that it is only a few bad ones that taint everyone in that faith.

So essentially the world is watching to see what Thaksin and the Thai people will do. For the most part this is 100% Thai business, and the world will sit back and watch how the Thais choose to be seen in the eyes of the world.

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