Thaksin power play

Like the wind from an approaching thunderstorm, Thaksin’s new game plan has let us know it has arrived. The style is the same however the message has changed slightly to reflect his new convicted criminal status to his lesser educated supporters.

Needless to say this is Thaksin style ‘Drive it home and I don’t care about anyone else’ politics at it’s best.

The dots that bring this together are as follows;

  • The Thaksin presentation is being used as a distraction by the government to push things along.
  • It is generally expected by all that Thaksin’s puppet Prime minister will call for a snap election.
  • The snap election is not likely to happen until they can force the constitutional changes on everyone.
  • Thaksin bribe money in huge amounts is very likely to be used as influence to cast the required vote for the changes to the Constitution.
  • This will set into motion a series of events that has Thaksin’s name all over it.
  • The Truth Today program will be used as a political stage to campaign around the country before it is officially allowed by the Election Commission.
  • The Truth Today program will dispense self serving Thaksin propaganda and seek to further divide the country and perhaps even drag the monarchy deeper through Thaksin’s mud.

At least this is the plan as it appears for the moment. However the jury is still out on Thaksin’s little phone in presentation, and much hinges on how that goes. At this point any mention of the monarchy by Thaksin is simply disrespecting the King. Thaksin is a convicted criminal trying to sway public opinion and put pressure on the King, and that shows no respect at all for HRH.

In the opinion of Connecting the Dots, this action goes way beyond lese majeste and has the stench of blackmail because of a signature drive. However True to Thaksin’s style of insulating himself, his cronies are gathering signatures of the unknowing to petition/pressure the King. So if lese majeste can get you significant jail time, then blackmailing the King may very well get you executed.  However Thaksin does not care because it won’t be Thaksin going to the executioner. This may be the ultimate dance with the devil.

So it appears for the moment Thaksin is working to insure the next government is under his control so he can proceed with white washing himself and return to power. By gathering signatures of the lesser educated Thais in Isaan, they now become political pawns for Thaksin to play with against the King. Up until now they were simple Thais content to live a simple life free from the political turmoil in Bangkok. What a difference an innocent trip to Bangkok makes. Whether the Isaan Thais like it or not, Thaksin has made them part of the game once they put their name to a petition addressed to the King. It is unfortunate that Thaksin has taken the next self serving step to bring innocent Thais from Isaan into peril.

On the other side of the coin, if the Isaan Thais suddenly realize that Thaksin has used them unknowingly against their beloved King, it is all over for Thaksin.

One Response to Thaksin power play

  1. By the time those people realize they’re being used, this devil could already be back in town in his delusions of grandeur.

    And the only way to stop it is for the MEDIA to wake up and see the rotten trash ‘under the carpet’ and start changing their tune right now and not a minute later.

    Could be wishful thinking, of course. After all.. nowadays.. seems like the love of money beats all the love in those classic romances we’ve ever read…

    GREED is dangerous.. and pretty lethal. Won’t be surprised if someone in Hollywood is already working on a new villain based on Mister Thug’s true life story !!!