Stark contrast

When looking at the entire spectrum of posts Connecting the Dots has published, the two posts of Friday “Jailhouse keys” and “Camelot II” are clearly so opposite it was just worth reflecting on. Along with the other 268 posts before this post, there is a well rounded variety of topics.

When we sit down and start to compose a post, many times we are both looking at down the road as well as today. In fact as this entry is being typed there are already 20+ posts in Que that cover topics from finding work to mental health. There are also posts on terrorism to watching your kids grow up.

Many think that this is a political blog that focuses on Thai politics, and in many ways it is. Thai politics is a creature of it’s own unlike any other. Because of that it provides plenty of things to write about. There are very clear cut contrasts and things that happen regularly in Thai politics that simply defy all logic and common sense. There is a deposed and convicted Prime Minister who’s ego will simply not accept the facts, and he is taking the entire country down from top to bottom to satisfy his ego. We have very seriously considered placing some of those stories in the Mental Health category.

On the other side there is America’s newly elected President that seemingly the entire world is rejoicing in. That is not to mention how mother earth feels about it as she has been showing her increasing anger over the past eight years. Where there is despair in Thailand, there is world hope in the United States.

Other places around the world that we have talked about have caught our attention like China and their now very obvious and concerning quality problems. We have also done posts on the problems in Burma as well as other countries.

But in reality what drives this blog is sometimes beyond our control. What we started out to be and where we are seem to be two different places. The one thing that has made Connecting the Dots popular is our ability to predict what is coming and not complain so much about what has happened. There are readers on every continent and some of the private email feedback from readers has been very encouraging. We have seen incoming links from places like CNN and some major blog hubs.

Some of our long shot predictions have amazed us and particularly so in hinted at in “Jailhouse keys”. We predicted that sooner or later someone in Thailand’s People Power Party would propose or pursue matching powers that only the King of Thailand has. We were completely flabbergasted when the amnesty for Thaksin law was proposed thus elevating the People Power Party to the level of the King and royalty. How that eventually pans out should be fun to watch. The saying heads will roll may really apply.

Sometimes we make predictions and place them in Que for publication around Midnight Bangkok time, but our predictions happen before the post goes out and it appears after the fact. We are the only ones who see this because we don’t announce when posts are composed. For fact of information, this post was completed 8 hours before it was published. In some cases when we feel the need we will publish a post as soon as it is ready if the need to get it out is urgent.

At any rate Connecting the Dots is happy you have taken the time to read what we have to say, and perhaps make life a little easier to understand when you don’t have time to Connect the Dots yourself. So if you are not a regular reader, take a moment and click the subscribe button. You never know what we will post on as we never seem to know as well. Sooner or later you may find something published here that could change your life.

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