Keeping the red shirts red

In Thailand it has come down to the red team and the yellow team fighting for control of the country. The people controlling each team are using propaganda to drive their personal agenda. In this case one team’s propaganda is very close to the truth, and the other team’s is not.

Connecting the Dots has pointed out at least 2 times the reality of one of the core bits of controlling propaganda for the red team. This post does not look to credit or discredit that propaganda, but simply to expose it.

To start off the red shirts support Thaksin. And information coming from Thaksin is often if not always completely opposite the truth.

A few weeks back one of the more vocal red shirt leaders in so many words told the yellow shirts that they should not wear yellow as it was associated with the King. This clearly was upsetting to the red shirts as psychologically yellow is tied to the King.  That was in “Barking at the wind”.

There were several posts that made reference to the Queen’s comments at a funeral to the parents of the slain People’s Alliance for Democracy protestor that the slain woman was helping to protect the Monarchy.  The initial post was in “Protectors of the Monarchy”.

In the unexpected heart to heart talk with a pro Thaksin taxi driver in “Thailand’s war” and later with some conversations with other people, the basis of the propaganda came jumping out. That propaganda basis is that the King and Queen are in disagreement about some things.

Take into consideration that only people very close to the royal family may know what is being said behind closed doors. Then take into consideration non of the red shirt wearers seem to hold that status of being close to the royal family and you can start to see the deception unfold. The fact that the King has been mostly silent tends to perpetuate this Thaksin driven propaganda.

The next reinforcing element in this propaganda is Thaksin’s comments about getting a pardon from the King. That at least implies the possibility that the Thaksin propaganda has a basis in truth.

So essentially what is holding Thaksin’s red shirt army together is the feeling is they are not going against their beloved King, and that only the Queen is siding with the yellow shirts. This no doubt is very powerful propaganda making both sides feel they are fighting for the King.

This is extremely disrespectful by Thaksin to involve the royal family in this way by lowering them into the conflict. There was much to say about this after Thaksin’s phone in presentation at a rally in early November. The fact Thaksin repeated this an interview in the last few days talked about in “Mad Thaksin” says both he does not care about the royal family and it is feeding his propoganda.

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