H5N1 Bird Flu antiviral failing

It has been reported that the magic bullet Bird flu antiviral is losing it’s effectiveness. The bird flu is mutating beyond what the antiviral can do, but is no less deadly.

This is one of those stories that Connecting the Dots was hoping we were wrong on, but the fact this post is being written says otherwise. The propaganda that is no doubt designed to keep panic from spreading is starting to fall apart at the genetic level.

On October 8, 2008 Connecting the Dots published a story called Predicting virus evolution. In that story we talked about the randomness of how a virus evolves and that predicting the future is impossible when it comes to random chance. That differs from what Connecting the Dots does as we do not use random considerations.

Time magazine is reporting that the new outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in Hong Kong is not being effected by the antiviral being used. In that only 25% of the antibodies are now being seen as compared to numbers seen before. They also are saying that complete failure is expected meaning 0% antibodies not too long from now.

With that consideration, it leaves us with the reality that at best we have a skimpy G-string to protect us in a howling blizzard once it evolves to human to human transmission. That evolution itself says that the virus will be different and not match whatever we made for antiviral protection.

This does not need to be a long winded story, in fact enough has already been said and proven meaning all of today’s antivirals will eventually become useless.

So now common sense protection is your best first line of defense. That would involve the purchase of face masks, and a lot of soap. Connecting the Dots does suggest you look at treating this as a chemical attack and use all the precautions your government suggests. It is best to have this pre-purchased as when the bird flu finally hits, you will have the needed supplies at home and not need to pay the price gouging prices some places will no doubt ask for. Imagine a $0.50 face mask selling for $100.00 and you will know what we mean.

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