Fool’s bait or not

The attempt by the US government to get the economy going seems to have hit a psychological snag. People have not seen anything coming in the top end of the economic engine. The general feeling is that will not happen before January 20, 2009 12:01 pm.

The plans President elect Obama has outlined are just that, plans. Plans are like blueprints that can be rolled up and stored. They do not provide any tangible outcome until a work order is signed. With Barack Obama reinforcing the fact there can only be one President at a time, he has set a fool’s bait mentality not to do anything before he is President.

Americans are to say the least very hesitant to do anything else on the George Bush watch. When his presidency ends on January 20, 2009 at 11:59 am there will be a psychological reset on Americans. When that happens they will be more open to the idea of opening their wallets. But that does not mean action. If Congress can get some of the things President Obama would like to sign into law ready to go, without a doubt Americans would be delighted if at the inauguration ceremony the new President would sign things into law minutes after he is sworn in. That certainly would take priority over the ‘Inaugural Ball’ set for later that day. That one two punch will have a significant psychological impact.

There is a fair chance that same psychological punch will stimulate other countries as well if they can see a connection with America’s economy.

As it stands now the American people don’t see anything in the works that would signal food for the economy, and it would be foolish to spend any money. But who can blame them. It is a bit like arriving at the produce isle early in the evening after it has been picked clean leaving what everyone else passed over. So that new crop is being picked at the dawn of the Obama administration, and to be on the store shelves a few hours later.

Connecting the Dots does not want to encourage or discourage anything. But if you have been reading along over the past few weeks, some fair advise as been given as to where the sun will rise on the new day.

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