Moving away from oil Part 1

Now that President elect Obama has made it known that he plans to move away from oil, Connecting the Dots decided to look at what new technology will be looked at and ultimately what new jobs will come of it. What we found was a variety of things with technology already in various stages of development.

Looking at necessity before luxury, staying warm in the winter months is a top concern for Americans. With 95% of America reaching for that thermostat on the wall every winter, we decided that was a good place to start.

At the moment fossil fuel is the primary source of heat, and we get that from the ground to burn above ground. However there is already plenty of heat in the ground, and getting it to the surface is one of the technologies that will be looked at.

Geothermal heating is already in use. In fact out going President Bush has just that at his Texas ranch. The only problem is the cost of drilling into the earth deep enough to tap into the earths heat. Conventional drilling is a costly process. The need to set up a rig and drill through solid rock can be expensive.

So enter President Regan’s Star Wars Technology. Powerful lasers have already been developed to shoot down incoming nuclear armed missiles from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. So instead of pointing that technology to the sky, redirect it into the earth to drill a hole.

Laser drilling and cutting is already used in industry for manufacturing, so the blending of the power of the big lasers with drilling technology and suddenly you have a deep inexpensive hole.

Lasers can drill at any angle and are very capable of going through solid rock. There is no drill bit to get dull, and no huge drill rig. The entire project can be mounted on a truck and setup possibly inside an hour.

Once the hole is deep enough steam up to 1100 degrees can be created with ease. In most case that high temperature is not needed, and just enough to boil water is fine. Then all that needs to be done is the plumbing by dropping pipes into the hole and attaching a pump.

Powering the pump is also from the earth’s heat. A separate pump turbine system modeled after a nuclear power plant can power the pump either mechanically or electrically. That in short becomes nearly free heat in abundance. Imagine heating a very large house for the entire winter for around $100.00 total. Most of the costs would be in maintenance contracts. The jobs created by this would be installation and maintenance of the heating units.

This is 100% earth friendly technology and will also help to stop and reverse global warming. The fact this technology is here but scattered around is a good start to saving the earth and putting money back in peoples wallets. All that remains is a startup company to make the first venture, and the United States government will be more than happy to help.

One Response to Moving away from oil Part 1

  1. Nice concept but it’s far from commercial reality. Using a laser to evaporate that much rock & earth isn’t as easy as you describe.

    The other problem is once you extract heat from the ‘hole’ you create it cools down pretty fast and you need to re-drill.