Thailand UDD name change in order

United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) has started to reveal that they have nothing at all to do with democracy. In fact if you were to describe them, they look to be trying to install a want to be dictator.

Once again the name of convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra finds it’s way into the spotlight of controversy. The UDD now is being more frequently referred to in the media as the red shirts or pro Thaksin red shirts. With opposites being the norm with Thaksin, the UDD calling themselves against dictatorship means just the opposite.

Point in note, the UDD have already given a no confidence vote to the new Prime Minister. Usually that happens after one has a chance to see how well they do their job. This no confidence vote happened before the Prime Minister started work. Seeing as the new Prime Minister never held that post before, there is no track record to look at. In short it makes no sense and makes the UDD look foolish or closed minded. Democracy requires an open mind to at least hear and see what the other side has to say. To completely ignore or reject is more along the lines of a dictator.

Considering the track record of the UDD, there is no doubt they embrace violence and are often the aggressor. Once again that more closely resembles what a dictator would do. Cast you memories back to Iraq or North Korea for examples.

So considering all the basic indicators that the UDD does not live up to it’s name, then perhaps ideas for a new name should be given. Considering that they (at the time of writing this) are planning a big rally then perhaps a visit to parliament to see what they can do about throwing a wrench into the new government, one has to take note. When the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) did this, the government did have a track record of being self serving and looking to change the Constitution to cut Thaksin lose. So seeing as that did not serve the country, the PAD was comfortably more justified than the UDD for their planned visit to parliament.

One thing is certain, any actions done by the UDD that are not seen to be for the better of the country will be rejected. Everyone is already hurting and to seek to continue to drive a wedge into Thailand will be much less tolerated. At the moment the only person that wedge serves is Thaksin. In fact all along that has been the only person it serves.

With Thaksin’s angry phone call, Connecting the Dots agrees Thaksin wants no part of reconciliation. If that were to happen then the chances of him getting back into power fall to near zero. With that said, all Thaksin’s calls for reconciliation match Thaksin saying completely opposite what he wants.  If there is reconciliation, that would mean things are putting along just fine without him. That would completely shatter his egotistic self marketing point of the only man that can.

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