New year resolution for 2009

Today is New Years Day, and today many people will make a promise to themselves about change. How many will be successful entirely depends on three things. However most will not bother to find out what those three things are, as each is different for each person.

The people that drink regularly simply call New Years Eve amateurs night, and they often elect to stay home where it is safe. The only commute is to the refrigerator for another cold beer. So staying home is not out of the question.

When it comes to the resolution for the new year, many decide to give up smoking. There is no doubt anymore in anyone’s mind that smoking is for losers. They get banished to smoke out in whatever weather nature can dish up. That is not to mention that they stink terribly when they come back inside.. Unfortunately many will be unsuccessful because of the mental addiction to nicotine, and in a few days they are climbing the walls looking to be a loser once again. To break the mental addiction takes a set of balls the size of melons, or a hypnotherapist.

Then there is the resolution to lose some unsightly fat. For some that means going to the gym, for others it means finding a good divorce lawyer.

The list is endless as what people want to do. Some want to set a goal of achievement and that is a good start. Making self improvements is always a good thing.

No matter what people decide to do, they must first make it more than just words. There needs to be a heart felt commitment to change. Once that desire for change is genuinely there, then they need to map out how to make it happen. For some people it could be a non selfish gesture to help others in need. For some it could be a desire to be the first to do something.

Many people around the world are placing their hopes for the new year on soon to be President Obama. Many of those people are not American or have even set foot on American soil. So for them their resolution may be to help President Obama change the world to be a better place and that certainly is a noble unselfish gesture to say the least.

Many people are hoping and praying 2009 will be better than 2008. Unfortunately there will be a mixed bag. The effects of global warming will continue and mother nature will be sure to give us more and harder kicks in the ass for messing with her. The global economic situation will hopefully change for the better, unless the price of oil comes back for the knockout punch.

No matter what happens, Connecting the Dots wants to wish you and yours a happy new year.

Please leave a message below what your resolution is and why, or just a word or two on your hopes and aspirations for 2009.

One Response to New year resolution for 2009

  1. My resolution? “Don’t sweat the small stuff (but do something about it)”.

    Through the years I’ve wasted too much time worrying, lamenting, and feeling angry, about too many things big and small. Well, it’s about time I stop the lingering feelings, seek the cause of it and do something about it. And if it’s not in my hands – or.. should I have tried and failed to fix it – then accept it and move on.