Same sex couples adopting children Part 1

Adopting a child in the United States can be difficult. A lot comes down to a religious perception, and other points come down to track records.

Connecting the Dots decided that this was a topic worth talking about. We have talked at length to an American relationship counselor who deals in family matters. What we discovered was that this is not a one size fits all issue.

Religious groups insist that a couple can not be of the same sex. There is a battle over this that is slowly being lost by religion as people become more aware of different lifestyles. That awareness results in being more tolerant of others. Religions claim is just a belief, that is no different than other religious beliefs that have been disproved by science.

Admittedly nature will not allow same sex couples to reproduce. Two sets of eggs or two sets of sperm just can’t make a baby. So in that respect, nature looks to end this anomaly at the source. However given the chance to adopt tied with the false religious belief that sexual attraction is elective and we have an instant controversy. The cry ‘You will turn that boy gay or that girl into a lesbian.’ is at best laughable in today’s informed world. Although various religious have backed away from saying that openly for fear of further reducing their flock, the underlying reason remains unchanged no matter how they package it.

So now that you can see that this is somehow tied to religion and not necessarily the religion of the couple looking to adopt, you begin to see another picture. Just imagine if you would a Buddhist same sex couple having to conform to Catholic standards, and you can see why so many wars in human history have a religious element in them.

The next piece of this mess has to do with concern for the adopted child’s well being, however we will leave that for part 2 of this series. On that note, of what a person sees is based on where they stand. If they are highly religious, they would tend to see things with the eyes of the church. If not religious, they would tend to see things based on their own sexual orientation. Connecting the Dots has always taken the high road and looked at people by their actions. It does not matter what color their skin is, or who they choose to have sex with.

So what we see is religion influencing government, and last check this is forbidden by law. This involvement not just steps on toes once, it steps on toes twice. To discriminate based on sexual orientation is against the law. There are plenty of individual lawsuits that remind those that would do this, but now they look to try the wholesale approach. What Connecting the Dots is referring to is changes in the law that would make it impossible for same sex couples to adopt a child. There will be more of that in part 2.

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