Obama vs Osama

Although both names roll off the tongue with equal ease, they are most definitely not the same. This does bring up the thought of how these 2 men will spar for global public opinion in the coming weeks and months.

It is hard to have missed the connection around the world people have with the new President of the United States Barack Obama. With televisions around the world tuned in the Presidential inauguration that in most cases was at night, it was not hard t see who the people were standing behind. Each person saw reason for hope and change in President Obama, and that most certainly does not fly well for Osama bin Laden.

Each person around the world has their own reason to find hope in President Obama. Some see the needed changes to save the planet from global warming. Some see him as the person that will restore the pride America once had before George Bush took office. Some see him as inspiration that anything can be achieved should you set your mind to it. Some have hope that he can change the global economy from heading south to a more northerly direction. There is no doubt many see him as the person who can close the gap between the Muslim world and the rest of the world.

President Obama’s self proclaimed status as a ‘mutt’ seems to be a great source of his strength. That mutt status for him is like the yellow sun for Superman.  Essentially he is the embodiment of the ‘Great American Melting Pot’ in one man who just happens to be President of the United States.

This too becomes a concern for Osama bin Laden as he can no longer easily use the us them approach when pointing at the United States. He will need to greatly distort things to use them to his advantage. Because now at the very least it will appear he is pointing to himself.

With the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, there will be even more difficulty for Osama bin Laden as she is not only the wife of Former President Bill Clinton, but she is also a well respected person by many governments in the Arab world. She will have no problem administering the policies of President Obama around the world.

From the time it started to look like Obama may just win the election for President, the sharp criticism from Osama bin Laden seems to have toned down. There were a few test jabs that seemed not to go too well for Osama bin Laden.

So now the stage is set and act 1, or if you prefer round 1 has started. The question is, to what extent will Osama bin Laden go to, to discredit President Obama, and what examples will he try to use. Like the rest of the world, Osama bin Laden is waiting to get a feel as to what President Obama’s foreign policy will be like, as the policy door has been opened just a crack thus far. What is behind that policy door will most certainly be used as a double edge sword.

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  1. Here’s a play on words:

    OSAMA BIN LADEN – LSNA (Long search, never arrested) + B (Bailouts)