Finding Thai love online Part 3

One of the most common mistakes is connecting in you mind that every Thai woman is ready to roll in the hay from the word go. The fact of the matter is you can still find Thai women well into their late 20’s who are still a virgin.

Although sex is a big part of Thailand’s culture, that part does not start until a relationship has started. So if you are chatting up a Thai Lady on line exploring the possibility of a relationship, keep it clean and avoid sex talk. Consider in your mind you may be chatting with a virgin or a girl who was dumped by her Thai boyfriend for whatever reason. To assume she has seen the inside of a Go-Go bar is totally the wrong mind set.

If you are chatting with a girl and she brings up or hints at sex, that for the moment should be seen as a yellow flag. You must do a little checking here to see if that is a real yellow flag or not. The first thing is you need to see what time it is in Bangkok when you are chatting with her. If she is online between 2:00 am and 5:00 am Bangkok time, that is a bit of a bad sign. The Bars have closed and she is off to her favorite Internet café checking on her sponsors. A sponsor in another man she has befriended and is sending her money. Another warning sign is looking for signs that she has more than one chat window open. It is easy to tell if there is a long delay and her English is good. If her English is not so hot, long delays are normal as she is busy with her Thai English dictionary searching for words.

Another warning sign is if she asks for money before you meet her. Simply tell her straight out no and that you need to meet her first. If she suddenly shows lesser interest in you after you inform her of that particular bit of news, then this particular piece of Thai fruit should be put back on the shelf. Even if she says she needs the money to go to the airport to meet you, tell her that she should borrow the money from her friends and you can reimburse her when you meet. If she is in Bangkok, she can get to the airport for under 400 Baht from anyplace in Bangkok.

As for green flags, if she is outside of Bangkok, and may have only visited the big village once or twice. In this respect she is still a country girl and will be doing her best to make you happy. In this case sex is out of the conversation. Subtle hints can be made once or twice and only once or twice, but generally keep it clean. If she does not catch on to the subtle hints, all the better for you once things take off when you meet her.

Part 4.

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