Pro Thaksin group wants lese majeste law removed

People normally do not protest about something unless it is in their way or they feel it has done them wrong. That fact that a pro Thaksin group wants Thailand’s lese majeste law lifted is about as close to an admission that you will get that Thaksin wants the royal family out of the way.

Quoting the Bangkok Post;

The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) on Saturday started gathering names on a petition for lifting lese majeste law.

The Phrase ‘Psychotic Crusade’ Connecting the Dots has coined about Thaksin, takes on a whole new meaning when it appears that nobody is too high up the ladder for Thaksin to go after. The question here is how many Thaksin followers will be duped into showing gross disrespect for their King. No doubt the lesser educated Thais who follow Thaksin will be told one thing while the actual meaning is another in an effort to get them to sign the petition.

Everyone has their own opinion about the lese majeste law. Connecting the Dots however feels the law is justified. With all the things the King has done for Thailand and the Thai people over the years, that perhaps can not be matched anyplace around the world, an extreme high level of respect has been earned. Part of that respect is the lese majeste law. It simply says in so many words, unless you have matched the achievements, keep your mouth shut, and if you have matched the achievements you should already know better.

Needless to say the desire to remove the lese majeste law says a lot about Thaksin and his followers. Everyone can come to their own conclusion as to why this law stands in their way. Perhaps Thaksin has concluded that there is a snowball’s chance in hell that the King will grant any type of pardon, and a more assertive approach must be taken. That certainly will fall well within Thaksin’s personality and ego traits that anyone in the way is dealt with.

During Thaksin’s most recent phone in, he made a point to go after the Privy Council. To do that also strongly suggests Thaksin is looking to get past the King one way or another. Seeing as that statement seemingly came out of the blue, it is a sign that it is regularly on Thaksin’s mind and very clearly supports the psychotic crusade observation. Thaksin has had several clashes of sorts with one or more members of the Privy Council, and each and every time Thaksin came up on the short end of the stick. There is no doubt the Privy Council has the best interest of the King and Thailand in mind. Thaksin only has Thaksin’s best interest in mind.

Drawing a comparison of people in history who had a similar mentality, the name Saddam Hussein immediately comes to mind. Saddam put a permanent end to people who stood in his way. The simple fact is mass graves are still being found around Iraq. Thaksin never quite got to that level, but he was most certainly working on it. Dismantling Thailand’s democracy was nearly complete when he was ousted by the 2006 coup. It does not take much imagination to see that once there was no restrictions in his way, Thaksin and Saddam would make a great set of bookends.

One Response to Pro Thaksin group wants lese majeste law removed

  1. There have been frequent posts against the political correctness movement that has swept most of the world; posts that I support as I also believe the political correct movement has stifled free expression and thought. Yet, now you state that the lese majeste laws are justified. I’m not sure how you reconcile the inherent conflict that seems to create.