Finding Thai love online Part 4

Identifying the flowers from the weeds can be a problem for the Internet meeting novice. Part 4 of this series will start to identify more things to look for before you decide to book that ticket to Thailand.

Unfortunately there is a good selection of weeds, and some can completely trash your good attitude for a long time. Perhaps the nastiest one of the lot is a ladyboy posing as the genuine article. That can be a very rude discovery at the airport after spending several hours on a flight, and a fair amount of money for the airfare, only to discover the person you are meeting has the same plumbing as you. To say that would never happen is only lying to yourself. Having some sex tourist come to Thailand and discover what he hauled into bed was a ladyboy happens more often than you think. Some ladyboys are so attractive, it is hard to tell that they actually a modified male until you are face to face with an erection that is not yours.

There are a few simple ways to tell from a distance. The first is how tall is she. 165 cm tall is about as tall as Thai women get on average. Most are in the 150 cm to 163 cm range. Over 165 cm you should do some additional gender checking. There are Thai women taller than 165 cm, but that is on the edge of the bell curve. Also Thai women are petite and weigh less than a male her size simply because muscle weighs more. Over 60 kg should also be a reason to check. A Thai woman 165 cm tall may come in around 50 to 60 kg on average.

The second way you can check is get a close up of her face and check for signs of an Adams apple. This too is not fool proof as there are surgery options available. Also photos that only show skirts or dresses. Ladyboys like to dress sexy so check to see if there are any photos that may look to conceal gender. Skirts verses jeans cut for a woman are a quick check. If there is plumbing in the way, the woman’s cut jeans will be uncomfortable and revealing to say the least. The final check is the good old phone call. Listen to see if it is a male mimicking a female voice. Ironically ladyboys all sound about the same, so mimic a female voice yourself to get an idea of what to listen for.

It is important to understand that some ladyboys are getting ready for the last step, and that is the old scissors and drill operation, otherwise known as gender reassignment surgery. People from all over the world travel to Thailand for this surgery. So ladyboys and katoys (sex change post op) are common sights in Thailand. Because they are working on the mind set of being female, some may jump the gun and advertize as a female while they are still male. So it may not be as malicious as you think, but non the less this is a clear case of look before you leap particularly if you are heterosexual.

Part 5.

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