Finding Thai love online Part 6

Rushing blindly into anything can leave you with anything from a bruise to being mortally wounded. That includes falling into love with a picture and a voice from halfway around the world. Seeing so many stunningly attractive Thai women who can’t find a man defies logic. It leaves you thinking there must be a catch.

Well in some cases there is a catch, but not as many as you would think. The reason there are so many attractive single and available women in Thailand is very simple. Thai men simply don’t know how to treat a lady properly and more times than not run from any type of parental responsibility. Thai men also target younger women. When a Thai women gets to be about 24 or 25, Thai men simply trade her in for a newer model. For most western men 24 or 25 is just right as there is something going on between her ears.

So that accounts for the huge number of available women, but there still is her commitment to her family that will take priority over things in her life. Some women that are so intently driven to support their family, may use the heart of a man or several men to do that. In nearly every case each man is totally oblivious to the others unless she makes a mistake or is investigated.

Hiring an investigator can help give you some piece of mind if you are starting to get serious about a girl. You may want to know if she is leading you on and you are just one of many men, or are you the man in her mind and heart. One such investigation service can be found here. If this service is unsatisfactory, then Connecting the Dots is sure this service could direct you to one that fits your needs.

Some of these investigations are remarkably easy. All the investigator needs to do is sit near or next to her in an Internet café and see what her on line activities are like. John in New York, David in London, Peter in Hong Kong and you all up and chatting with her at the same time would certainly shed some light on things.

As much as Connecting the Dots has been talking about the negative side, this is only a small percentage of what is out there. All we want to do is as we always do, and that is to connect the dots for you to see the bigger picture.

So now that we have pointed out where not to step, part 7 will talk about the positives things and the wonderful delights that await you and where you should go. We will also outline what we think is a good pace to go with as your relationship progresses. We feel that is important as Thai women enter a relationship at warp speed and Mr. Scott may have a problem keeping the warp engines from overheating.

Part 7.

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