Thailand’s old new embarrassment

What was an embarrassment for Thailand in the past, is finding new ways to do it again. The followers of the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra who still sit in places of prominence still know how to dirty the face of Thailand in the eyes of the world.

As countries around the world line up to show they respect the Thai court’s conviction ruling on Thaksin Shinawatra, members of Parliament still loyal to Thaksin seem to make veiled threats to those countries for following their own laws and established procedures. So when the world starts to see once again that there are still people in power who could care less about the law, and show intention to ask other countries why they follow the law when it comes to Thaksin, there is both an admission of guilt and embarrassment in the same question. Thaksin was convicted for not following the law and his followers seem to have learned the same habit.

Quoting the Nation;

Pheu Thai MP demands Japan and China to clarify report over entry ban on Thaksin

Pheu Thai MP Surapong Tojakwichaikul called on Japanese and Chinese embassies to clarify news reports about the travelling restrictions imposed on Thaksin.

Surapong said he was confused why Thaksin could enter Hong Kong after the Democrats had claimed about a visa ban.

He warned Chinese and Japanese authorities about the consequences of banning Thaksin from entering their countries.

Thaksin is very popular and his travel ban might trigger the resentment among his supporters numbering more than 10 millions who might decide to boycott products made from China and Japan, he said.

Needless to say this does not help much when it comes to restoring confidence in those who may decide to do business with Thailand. The double standard has always been a deterrent to companies who just opt not to deal with the double standard bullshit. Putting the bullshit on display like this can only hurt Thailand when it desperately needs to restore what has left. Unfortunately as Thailand seems to be continuing to pile it on by adding more and more hoops for non Thai companies to jump through every year, the comments from the pro Thaksin MP carries significant weight.

Every year there are new and seemingly complete nonsense regulations non Thai companies must do just to stay in Thailand. These things are both cost and time consuming. Until they are gone and match what the Thais must do, it will be a hard sell for the Thai Government to get investors.

Certainly Connecting the Dots does recognize that there are some perks to being Thai, however they should not be synonymous with corruption. All a company is looking for is a fair chance, and not the be targeted for what amounts to legal extortion.

If you think Connecting the Dots is getting off topic, let us explain. The basis of this story is all about double standards. When one or more members of Parliament hit on other countries as to why they do not have double standards, it brings to the front what exists in Thailand. To the average Joe this mostly goes unnoticed. However to a business man looking to invest in Thailand, it is like produce shopping, you have to know how to tell a good one from a bad one.

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