Shameless attacks

As each day passes the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) continues to demonstrate who they serve. Who they serve has nothing to do with their constituency.

It is clearly obvious to everyone the PTP cares little or nothing about the people who voted them into office. All their actions childish or otherwise are meant to serve their master convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. The fact that they are doing completely opposite of what Thaksin did to come to power seems not to matter to them.

Thaksin came to power by making some meager offerings to the people of Isaan. Before Thaksin that part of Thailand was mostly ignored. Now the PTP is completely ignoring them. The democratic party is doing more for the people of Isaan, and that will mean votes next time around.

There was a time in Thai politics that the political attacks were kept under the table, while still trying to do what they were elected for. But ever since the disqualification of the April 2006 elections, it has been out in front for all to see. Then after the fall if the People Power Party government in December 2008, the remaining Thaksin supporters have been acting like a two year old during a completely out of control temper tantrum. They do not care how they look and what others think. This is total rage and anger that is driving what they do.

The PTP have been seemingly devoting 100% of their efforts towards this childish temper tantrum, and that involves finding any trivial thing they can to attack the democrats. The list includes, impeachments, censure debates, delaying votes in parliament by calling quorum counts just to name a few. They are turning over every rock they can find looking for any kind of dirt, all while ignoring the people that they are suppose to be representing in Parliament.

With all that raw negative energy desperately searching for things to throw, the PTP is ignoring the fact that they are setting themselves up for action against them for not doing their job. After all it is a requirement and they already had a taste of that in 2008 when they faced their own censure debate when they called themselves the People Power Party. They only survived that because they had the majority of votes. That is not the situation now and perils await.

Up to now the Thaksin supporters have fallen by self inflicted wounds, and this once again looks to be a case of slow learners doing that once again.

Connecting the Dots does not want to be seen has harping on the PTP and their bad behavior, but we do want to point out the consequences to them of what they do. No doubt the PTP will continue to act immature and childish, and there is a certain amount of question if that may be the limit of their abilities. After all Thaksin cronies have not demonstrated much if any skills in solving problems. Only Thaksin had the knowhow for that and they just road his coattails. So as the next month unfolds, expect more of the same as they are fed their own hanging roap. Remember the people if Isaan may be undereducated, but they can certainly tell who is working for them and who is not.

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