Thaksin’s endless visa run Part 2

So as the Thaksin visa run saga continues, those who are interested get to watch Thaksin destroy himself. There is no doubt there is great amusement for many in watching Thaksin’s arrogance make him self destruct.

Continued from Part 1;

So considering the fact Thaksin is being so vocal, no doubt when a Thai dignitary visits or is visited by another countries dignitaries, Thaksin’s name comes up. That would not be the reason for the visit, but because Thaksin is on the attack one side or the other is likely to bring him up. Even if there is no specific request from the Thais asking them not to host Thaksin, they are smart enough to read the body language of the Thais and know what the proper gesture is. Other than a country that is just as corrupt as Thaksin, he is likely to sooner or later get denied entry. That decision will be simply based on money. Whatever choice brings in more revenue will drive the Thaksin / no Thaksin choice.

Locally Burma may take Thaksin, and at least for Thaksin the proximity to Thailand is good. However with Thaksin being there running his mouth, that will call more attention to Burma and the xenophobic junta wants to stay out of the light as much as it can. So the simple gesture of not allowing or expelling Thaksin may be one of the few painless things they can do in the plus column.

So as it stands, the more Thaksin runs his mouth, the less willing countries are to let him in and this is no less than a moth to flame for Thaksin. He must stay as high profile as he can. That is also part of the underlying reason Thaksin is saying his life is in danger. Although Connecting the Dots feels that he is in danger, more specifically Thaksin is acutely aware that if his location of attack was public knowledge, that could hasten his permanent departure from that country.  Also with advancing technology knowing where Thaksin is and where he is going is updated at every immigration check point that is linked to the network. You can thank terrorism and the Americans for that technology. You can tell if the country is plugged in if there is a requirement to be on a waiting aircraft 30 minutes before departure. That is all about catching terrorists and criminals in transit.

So sooner or later it seems all options will collapse for Thaksin and he may find himself wanting to buy Gilligan’s Island to avoid the justice he is supposedly seeking. But then Thaksin almost always says opposite the truth.

So to identify what countries Thaksin is likely to be in will take much more research than we are willing to put into this post. However the growing list of what countries do not want him is easier.

The USA has a straight forward question on their visa application. So count out any renewals, they will probably just let his visa expire and not cancel it. That way it appears a politically correct neutral choice not pissing anyone off except Thaksin. Thaksin has made himself too high profile to slip under the radar.

So bottom line is Thaksin’s visa run may soon come to an end, as he may not have the travel documents and or be accepted in countries.

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