Our amazing minds

We do not give much thought to how powerful our minds are. We congratulate ourselves when we figure out difficult problems or discover new technology. But few people give much thought as to how our mind effects our body and how it can make us sicker or healthier both physically and mentally.

We don’t understand the full potential of the human mind, but we can see signs of it’s power everyday. For example when we think of our favorite food our mouth starts to water, or when we think about sexual activity our body starts to get ready for sex. In men it is an erection, in women it is changes to the vagina. All of this physical change is brought on by our mind and a simple thought.

Doctors will tell you that when a person gives up the will to live they wither and die very quickly. Then the opposite of that is the will to live and people that have a terminal illness live long past Doctors expectation sometimes by years.  The only change is what the mind is doing as our will is a product of our mind.

We have heard stories of people walking on fire or not feeling pain. Once again what we experience is all up to our minds. If we expect something to be bad our minds see to it. If we expect something to be good our minds see to that too. The good and bad perception covers both physical and mental experiences. All of this is produced in the part of our mind that is known as the subconscious, and 95% of our mind is subconscious.

There is only one group of professionals that deal with the subconscious, and that group is hypnotists and hypnotherapists. They are very different from the stage hypnotist who uses hypnosis for entertainment. Hypnotists and hypnotherapists help people use their own mind to make their lives better, and that goes way beyond helping people stop smoking and getting over phobias.

Some of the more astonishing physical things are reducing the recovery time from a stroke, or waking surgery for people who can’t for one reason or another be given anesthesia. The list is quite long and very impressive. For hospitals and Doctors to let hypnotherapist into operating theaters simply says that hypnotherapists are respected professionals and accepted by the medical community.

Major medical universities like John Hopkins are just now getting into studying how the subconscious mind works and seeing it’s power to hurt or heal the body.

On the mental health side there are Clinical Hypnotherapist that assist people sorting out their personal problems. Psychiatrists and psychologists send their toughest cases to a Clinical hypnotherapist as they are the only mental health professionals that can get into the powerful subconscious part of the mind. Once our minds are helped in sorting out our problems we can go on enjoying our lives.

It is truly amazing at how powerful our minds are and how they can effect our body as well as our quality of life. Our perception of the world and our personal motivation to succeed in life are all part of our mind. So it is important to recognize that our minds play a much bigger roll in our lives that we every imagined. A healthy mind means a healthy body and a healthy life.

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