Thaksin’s party prepares to embarrass itself

In a full on effort to attempt to discredit the democratic lead Thai government, the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) has already shown it has no basis for it’s censure motion. The mention that family members who are not part of the government are also to be scrutinized clearly shows this is an attempt in futility.

One thing that sets the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra apart from most Thais is his ability to think things out to conclusion. It is increasingly apparent the order of events pertaining to the censure activities initiated by the PTP is first make the motion, second find reasons to support the motion.

After reading in the news that the PTP planned to attack family members of the government who are in no way part of the government, one could not help but roll their eyes thinking of the embarrassment the PTP was about to put itself through. The fact that they are looking outside of the government for reasons to attack is a sure bet they have nothing and this is just another round of PTP whining. It also would seem that the democrats are more than willing to let this happen. After all this certainly looks to be just another pending self inflicted wound by Thaksin cronies. Connecting the Dots will be very surprised if they actually have anything significant to talk about.

This pending display of childish immaturity by the PTP most certainly will take all but the most undecided off the fence and move them away from supporting the PTP.

All things considered the topics the PTP look to cite in their attack are but the smallest fraction of their own actions. It is a bit like comparing a dirty car to one that was hit by a train, you may not even be able to tell it was a car after the train finished with it.

It is a bit difficult to gage what Thaksin thinks about all of this other than frustration. The apparent meeting Thaksin had in Hong Kong with members of the PTP most probably was just to pick up pay from Thaksin and to look for things to attack with. Based on the amount of false information and spin Thaksin’s hired Public Relations company is spreading, it looks to be more of the same. News about Thaksin in the media through press releases tries to put the innocent spin on Thaksin. One constant remains, and that is things coming from Thaksin’s mouth are opposite the truth. If the censure attack accusations are coming from the same mentality and quality of truth, then false accusations meant to smear will be a big part of the PTP attack.

Ultimately that strategy will backfire on the PTP and define them as not being the least bit trustworthy and that only other criminals would willingly endorse them. That however does not consider votes they would buy.

Connecting the Dots may suggest acquiring some hot buttered popcorn if you plan to watch the censure debate as it looks to be entertaining.

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