Blocking red

Although this has not happened yet, Connecting the Dots feels there is a strong chance Thaksin’s red shirt army will do everything they can to keep the democratic lead government from interacting with people in the core area of Thaksin supporters. Needless to say, this is once again one of our predictions.

To set the stage, you must first read this story published by The Nation on March 3, 2009;

Cabinet members to showcase works upcountry

The government will, for the next two weeks, dispatch Cabinet members upcountry to showcase policies and job performance and its awareness campaign is meant to divert attention from distractions stirred up by ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

“The prime minister has suggested for every minister to fan out upcountry in order to heed grievances and keep in touch with the people in all 76 provinces,” PM’s Office Minister Satit Wongnongtaey said Tuesday.

Abhisit Vejjajiva will set an example by his visit to Lop Buri, Satit said, adding that for the coming weekend, the 36 Cabinet members are expected to travel to 36 provinces.

With that said and Thaksin losing more of his grip everyday, it becomes an act of survival forcing the red shirts to act.

There is no doubt Thaksin supporters are doing their best to spread misinformation about the new government in Isaan. As the supporters are mostly of lesser education, it does not take much to fool them, and Connecting the Dots is very sure a near daily feeding of bullshit is being offered in Isaan.

However it is becoming increasingly difficult for Thaksin supporters to say it is just the Thai government that is against Thaksin. More than one country has said no to wanting Thaksin on their soil, and that changes things from being a solo performance by the Thai government to being a growing choirs.

So now with the Thai government making house calls, this puts a significant threat in place for Thaksin supporters. In short, all that bullshit they have been putting out is about to get scraped away with reality, and simply this can not be allowed to happen.

Connecting the Dots expects the following;

  • Villagers will be threatened if they go and talk to the government directly. This will be by intimidation or whatever works. The ones that do decide to go and hear what has to be said will have a rough go when they get back home.
  • There will be attempts to disrupt the presentation made by Cabinet members and to scare people away. Stopping the people from talking to their government is not beyond what Thaksin supporters would do.
  • They will offer rebuttals after the government leaves twisting everything the government said trying to make the government look foolish and impotent.

Meanwhile back in Bangkok the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) plans to launch a censure motion alone as no other party wants to join them in this desperate and foolish political venture. So as you can see things are getting desperate in the Thaksin camp, and no doubt the Thai government wants to move in for the kill as soon as possible to move Thailand forward by eliminating Thaksin’s influence as so far it has only been negative.

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