Global warming tipping point Part 1

As it seems the new US government is now onboard with global warming, the question on everyone’s mind is are we too late. The word tipping point has been in the news of late, and that is not a good thing by far.

Connecting the Dots covered a story not too long ago saying the global warming tipping point in the arctic is happening now. The ice habitat for many animals and in particular the polar bears is disappearing and will be completely gone in a few years time. But what about the rest of the world.

To sum it up in a sentence, the tipping point is the sign from nature that good old mother nature plans to start the extermination of the species that did the tipping. To see that species all one needs to do is look in the mirror.

Just take a look at any one thing that is happening to the planet and it is not hard to see that every event will take some food away from our tables. In fact the very first story Connecting the Dots did was on the food shortage back in April of 2008. So one event itself is nothing to speak of, and in fact it is actually normal. However the cumulative effect of these events becomes not just one ant at the picnic, but the entire colony.

With this thought in mind, the tipping point for the rest of the world not only the arctic may be going on as we speak. That sharp defining moment from black to white may be in fact a series of shades of grey that can not be stopped. For example, insects are destroying forests that took hundreds of years to grow. The insects can destroy the forest in a much shorter time than the forests took to grow, and the insects will be around until the world cools, so the forest will not be back until the insects are once again under control by the temperature. Ironically this one example supports the prediction that it will be a millennium or more before the tipping point is untipped returning things to normal. It is not a comforting thought that global starvation will be the theme of this millennium. After all it is no secret that’s the way nature will deal with the human vermin.

As shocking as it sounds, we may already be too late to stop this chain of events meaning the tipping point has passed, and we can expect negative human population growth very soon. That does leave us with the moral and ethical question about having more children knowing what their lives will be like. Children under the age of 10 today no doubt will feel nature’s full wrath as we begin to starve. So do we electively adopt China’s one child policy to save our unborn children from the fate their parents and grandparents have bestowed on them through human arrogance is a fair question. If we thin our population now together with implementing earth friendly technology there may be some hope we can limit the suffering for future generations who must endure the violent earth.

This is part of a periodic series

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