Scam of the heart Part 1

It what appears to be just another Thai scheme to make money whatever way you can, some have dared tread on the sacred ground of love. What is being done is not only financially devastating to some poor Thai women seeking love on line, but also leaves the man with a significant bad taste in his mouth.

This story will highlight one such incident as the facts have been well researched, but certainly there is more out there. The man in question who is one of our readers contacted Connecting the Dots and asked if we could run his story.  We could not come up with any reasons why we should not, and several why we should.

The man in question is a professional in his late 40’s living in Bangkok, and  had recently ended a relationship with his Thai girlfriend of 3 years. Parting was not an issue and they are still good friends and talk regularly. So in short this is a nice guy and would be prized by women from any corner of the planet. He decided to give Thailovelinks a try and had the chance to chat with several women both in Bangkok and up country.

About 7 weeks before all the unusualness went down he chanced to chat on line with a girl from Udon Thani that is 564 km north of Bangkok. They only chatted 1 or 2 times for about 45 minutes. They also chatted on the phone for a while at one time too.

According to the girls online profile she was 20 years old with a child and single. She posted a picture that was taken in a studio that showed she was very attractive and would easily rank high on the consideration list. The fact she was a non smoker was a plus and if she smoked she would have instantly been disqualified as a possible contender as nobody wants to kiss an ashtray no matter how much listerine they use. The stench from smoking goes to the bone and bleeds out when they sweat.

So as it would be the man put her on the back burner simply because of the distance and focused more on women in the greater Bangkok area. There was no contact at all and the girl stopped logging in on the day of their last chat. The date she was last on line is shown in the profile so it becomes easy to see how active she was. The man was very content in taking his time looking to meet several ladies for a meal or casual date with no obligation, and that is how he presented himself to them. He had the chance to date several and some more than once as he weighed his options. Living in Bangkok does have it’s perks for a single man looking for love.

So in general the man had more or less forgotten about this little darling as he had several contenders just around the corner. Then all of a sudden out of the blue his phone rings and it is the girl from Udon Thani announcing she was flying to Bangkok the next day to meet him. At this point it starts to get interesting.

More in part 2

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