Scam of the heart Part 2

As the story continues it is not only the man who is in for a surprise, it is also the Thai girl who has been deceived. What happened next is just a total mix of opposite emotions.

Continued from part one the man told the girl he thought it was expensive and unnecessary to fly down to see him from Udon Thani. If she indeed wanted to come down and meet him a bus would be the best. She insisted she wanted to fly as she had never flown before and it would be a treat for her. As he did not expect her he had to change a few of his plans that included meeting another girl for lunch and an afternoon out. He told the girl from Udon Thani that as long as she was honest with him there should be no problem. So the meeting was set up as she was to fly into Don Muang airport.

So morning came and he set out to the airport to meet her. Making a visual note of her picture and asking what she was wearing, he was sure he would have no problem in finding her. As it would be that was harder to do as she did not look at all like her photo. Add to that he also came across a picture of the same girl with a slightly different profile with another picture from the same photo studio session. The second profile showed her to be a bit shorter but that was not a concern as mistakes are made if measured in shoes, however where the first profile said 20 years old and single, this one said 22 and widow. Judging by the numbers the profiles were made about 6 months apart and the second profile showed more recent activities. This is what prompted him to make a comment to her about her being honest.

As it turned out she was not in her 20’s but in her early 30’s and the online photos were over 10 years old. She was also at least 15 kilos heavier and 12 cm taller. Although still very attractive there was a clear problem unfolding. The next thing was even more interesting in that her sister and another woman flew down with her. That quickly added up to 2 round trip tickets and 1 one way ticket pushing the total airfare to about 10,000 Baht.

The man by now who was getting totally confused was now stuck in the middle of something that he clearly did not expect or desire. As it would be, her sister came along to check out her new future husband, and the other woman was the one who put it all together. Apparently the other woman was acting as a match maker and charged a fee of 10,000 Baht for her service and counting the airfare the total came to 20,000 Baht.

This is a lot of money for someone working in Isaan who is working at a low skill job. That is about 7 months pay for the work she was doing. She only consented to handing out this huge amount of money because she was told the man would pay her back. So borrowing the money she rounded up the total amount and payed the woman. But there is yet another twist to this and that will be in part 3.

Continued in part 3

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