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When times are tough, it is nice to find a reason to smile or hear about people who just give from their heart. In the spirit of Connecting the Dots “Shining Star” reports, we wish to give a very honorable mention to NBC nightly news with Brian Williams.

NBC has had it’s “Making a difference” series for some time. But it was not until this week that someone at NBC news came up with the idea of asking viewers to email in stories about people helping out in this time of need. Then after getting thousands of emails in the first day, NBC started doing stories about people who are giving in this time of need. The stories cover some things from the simplest like paying the toll for the car behind you, to just being there to help in a time of need. Some of the entries are from emails just talking about things so small in size but so big in gesture, to a short segment on how people give back to the community in a time of need and despair.

The importance of simple gestures of kindness to complete strangers touches a special place in our hearts. To have a reason to smile and see hope is so important, and that is why Connecting the Dots is saying that NBC nightly news gets a shining star. It is more than news, it is a form of therapy.

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